Galactic 2.4c

Magyar sector for Traveller Years ago, a guy named Jim Vassilakos put out a number of MS-DOS programs for gamers. MS-DOS was the Microsoft (MS) Disk Operating System (DOS) before they started copying Apple and put out Windows. A lot of those games don’t work on Windows 95, let alone Windows 7. We’ll get to that later.

One of the programs he put out was called Galactic, a 2d mapping program for sectors in Traveller. He put out a call for people to submit sectors to him, and since he was doing such a great thing for all of us, I submitted one. I’ve been itching to look at Galactic again, but the first problem was to fine a place to download it. Most of the links are broken. But I finally found one at Jim Vassilakos’s Programs.

Next, I had to unzip it, but not just any tool would do. It was zipped with PKUNZIP, an old product. That was a bit hard to find as well. To download an EXE correctly on Windows, you have to right-click it. At least one place suggested I download their PKUNZIP.ZIP and then switch the extension to .EXE, which would be a great way to install a virus on your computer, so I didn’t go for that one. You can still get it from PKWare. I downloaded that, then got onto the command prompt for the right directory and ran:

pkunzip -d

That did it! But it still wouldn’t run. I’ve looked around now for an MS-DOS emulator and The Welsh Piper seems to have solved this by using Dos-Box, an MS-DOS emulator. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think this is the last piece I need to get it working. And good news, it works fine, both for 32 bit and 64 bit machines! Yay!

If you just want to see my sector, it was Magyar Sector, just spinward of the Solomani Rim. It’s still up in the Space Atlas. Unfortunately, it was replaced by an official version of Magyar in the Atlas of the Imperium (1984),and is looking for a new home. I guess I’ll have to see where it might fit in the Traveller Map today, but of course, it will never be canon, so I’m not sure it is worth it.

I also found a great map called (of course), the Traveller Map. Looks good!

Finally, there’s apparently a newer commercial effort called Traveller Universe. I might have to try that next.

PS: In 2016, I found a copy of Galactic2.4c at Freelance Traveller. There is another version named 2cc, put out in 2003 by John G. Wood (Elv), but that is only available through the Wayback Machine at


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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2 Responses to Galactic 2.4c

  1. Jim Vassilakos says:

    Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. You can use most any unzipper to unzip Galactic. pkunzip was just the most popular program for this at the time Galactic was written. You will, however, probably need to run Galactic under dosbox ( There’s also a mailing list ( where you can get additional tech support. Hope this helps.

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