Cool Walkthrough Maps of Classic Dungeons


Wizards of the Coast are reprinting AD&D stuff like the Dungeons of Dread. The good news is that they have also released cool walkthrough maps of them. Get these while you can, they are definitely cool (even if they include all sorts of spoilers). My favorite is the Expedition to Barrier Peaks, which was also my favorite module when I was much younger. Instead of the spaceship map in the module, we played it using the deck plans for the Enterprise. The primary foe was Mind Flayers in Federation uniforms. Very fun!

Expedition to Barrier Peaks
Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
White Plume Mountain
Tomb of Horrors

About the Artist

Jason Thompson (@khyungbird) is the creator of the graphic novel series King of RPGs (King of RPGs) with artist Victor Hao. He also writes about manga for Anime News Network and Otaku USA magazine, and draws comics based on H.P. Lovecraft stories at .


About lostdelights

An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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3 Responses to Cool Walkthrough Maps of Classic Dungeons

  1. Thanks for the mention! 🙂 I’m actually doing the D&D maps as prints now — and I’m moving to California so there’s a sale till August 18 — the information is all here!

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