Faucongris: French Adventures for the World of Greyhawk

I discovered a number of adventures written for the World of Greyhawk in French. Most of the English synopses were straight from Google Translator and didn’t make any sense, so I retranslated the synopses and also organized the adventures so DMs could make some use of them. All but one of these are set in Ekbir, which was assigned to the French writers by the RPGA folks, but there is one adventure in Greyhawk City at the Inn of the Dragon Turtle. I have not added links to the adventures, but once you have the French title, you can probably find them online.

Single Adventures in Ekbir

EKB 5−01 I Grand Sourire, Grande Gueule (Big Smile, Big Mouth). Level 1.
What happens when a former adventurer discovers the secrets of the past before they quit putting their lives at stake for these same secrets?

EKB 5−02 I Et pour quelques coupes de plus (And for a few cuts more). Level 1 only.
The grand championship of Kura happens in the capital. The occasion attrcts more of the world than usual. The party is in full swing. But a man comes to discover the unthinkable and he wants to take part.

BS33 La mort et son cheval blanc (Death and his White Horse). Levels 1-3.
The adventurers participate in a grand horse race organized by an individual for their own account or for that of a merchant. At issue is the contents of a safe. Speculation abounds as to the exact nature of the prize. As a result, many disreputable organizations and individuals are interested in the race.

EKB2-02 Les Griffes du Morskmogil (The Claws of Morskmogil). Levels 1-5.
If there is one place one should not be when the storm rises, it is in view of the reefs of Morksmogil. All the captains Ekbir know this, and he that directs the ship in which the adventurers find themselves also knows it. Then the storm rises…

EKB3-04 Les Ombres d’Abn Toubkal (The Shadows of Abn Toubkal). Levels 1-6.
Night falls on the quiet wood of Abn Toubkal, while the mist rises. The comforting glow of the fire fails to erase the silhouettes of bare trees. Even nocturnal animals are reluctant to disturb the apparent calm, aware of the creeping danger. The fog thickens, stifling the cries of the dying, a bed of dead leaves as the last remains. The forest is so deep asleep that dark stories awake.

EKB3-01 Piégés d’avance (Trapped in Advance). Levels 1-6.
“After meeting at the inn, adventurers have discovered the secrets of the haunted mausoleum and taken over its hidden treasures by solving the riddle of the four elements.” That sounds like an adventure classic. Unfortunately this is not the case.

EKB4-04 Le Retour de Zuoken (The Return of Zuoken). Levels 1-10.
A lost monastery on the borders of the Caliphate of Ekbir is scene of disturbing events. Will the adventurers pierce the mysteries of the silent devotion. monastery Ekbir is the disturbing theater events. Adventurers will they unravel the mysteries of silent devotion?

BS34 La Guerre de la 73rd Sourate (The War of the 73rd Surah). Levels 2-5.
The Sultan of Zeifremet once more questions the religious supremacy of the Caliph Ekbir. As a result, to resolve the question once and for all, a game of chess-drogons is organized between the two countries. Whoever wins the game has the last word The PCs are involved in this affair of state, and they are free to decide which party they choose to favor. Their adventure permits them to search the city of Ekbir in all directions. During the first part, they must find the controller, and in the second part they have to manufacture a missing pawn.

ADP1-08 Requête d’Outre-Tombe (A Plea from Beyond the Grave). Levels 1-8, Available in English.

Le Cor d’Irion (The Horn of Irion). Levels 5-6, Island of Ivivys, in the Ataphad Islands.
The scenario is divided into two parts. The first, “the voyage”, describes the journey of the players on the Dramidj Ocean in search of the Horn of Irian, a great relic. The second, “the return”, describes the use they are going to make of the horn to stop a pirate fleet and to unmask a traitor.

An Adventure in the City of Greyhawk

EKB3-01M L’Appel du Bassin (The Call of Bassin). Levels 3-7.
Although originally from Ekbir, your travels have led you to the four corners of the Flanaess. Far from the Caliphate you often feel cut off from your roots, but there is a place where your skills are now recognized: The Inn of the Dragon Turtle in the Strangers Quarter of Greyhawk. The hostel is a parcel of Bakluni land in an alien world; all scholars, merchants and mercenaries traveling through Greyhawk stop there at least to take the news. A strange message awaits you…

L’Héritage d’Artaxoës (the Artaxoës Legacy, aka. Consumed by His Love) — 8 adventure campaign in Ekbir

EKR2-03 Un Parfum de Rose (A Scent of a Rose).
When the flower essence of the past blooms in the present, it is hard to tell if the emerging scent has not attracted the corruption that often withers beautiful things. On the road to an ancient dream, will our heroes avoid the pitfalls of the past, to intoxicate their senses with so much beauty and majesty?

EKB3-03 Consumé par son amour (Consumed by His Love).
The great competition Kura festival Froidenoce approach and Ekbir city is thriving. a crowd massive crowds into the city as well as around Ekbir and with it all the problems it causes. Yet no one expects a very dealer to be the victim of an infernal creature fleeing over the city after his crime. The victim leaves behind a frightened widow, her business and a great mystery…

EKB4-01 Le Fugitif (The Fugitive), Levels 4-10.
The attacks against the region of Darboz have redoubled in recent times. These are firstly the bandits of Udgru in the service of the Black Knight, who plunder the countryside and caravans. But it is mostly a massive attack by the Ataphade fleet against the port of Bandar-Zyarat that raises concerns. Darboz needs reinforcements. You are now en route to Bandar-Zyarat.

EKB4-02 Pour une poignée d’étoiles (For a Handful of Stars). Levels 1-8.
Sometimes reason and feelings oppose each other. In Ekbir, traditions and respect for the family are core values; can they be broken by love? For a handful of stars, will the characters be accomplices of a crime or of an act of love? Across the island realm of Murenshi, in the misty moors of Malvallon, their quest holds many surprises. An adventure for APL 2-8.

EKB5-01 Dans l’ombre de la haine (In the shadow of hatred).
The festival of Regain is near and with the beautiful weather returns the competitions of Kura, of Sibaq al Khail and above all this year’s great horse race for the Trophy of Champions. But beyond the festivities, many dark things are afoot in Ekbir. Faces of familiar names reappear from the past and this is a whole different that will affect our heroes.

EKB5-02 Le Chant du tocsin (Song of the Tocsin). Levels 1-12.
A feather, a dream, a broken memory, and soon the death knell.

EKB6-01 Une Bouteille à la Mer (A Bottle in the Sea). Levels 1-14.
The Caliphate is on a war footing, shipyards are in full swing and the entire fleet is involved in the siege of Ataphades islands. But before launching the offensive, is it still able to ensure that it will not suffer a reverse? You are now in pursuit of the pirates of the islands …and a bottle that was thrown into the sea.

EKB6-05 L’Île du sang (The Isle of Blood). Levels 3-16.
This is the moment of truth, the attack on the Island of Blood looms. But one last chance exists to come to the aid of the loyal servants of the Caliphate, to rescue the prisoners in the fortress before the assault begins.

Faris Rautha, ou chevaliers métamorphes (Faris Rautha, or the Shapechanging Knights) — 8 adventure campaign in Ekbir.

EKR3-01 La Legende de Glendaloch (The Legend of Glendaloch).
On the lands of Ekbir, in the country some call Greyhawk, the characters are the helpless victims of blind justice. Amid the turmoil, the heroes of today will face those of yesterday who live, eternal, the legend of Glendaloch.

EKB2-01 Assassins! This mini-module is designed to be played in the first part of the Legend of Glendaloch.
It is on moonless nights that death lurks, invisible. Sometimes she carries with her more victims than necessary. The heroes are caught in the turmoil; will they stand up and face their fate?

EKB4-03 Les Tours naissantes (The Emerging Towers). Levels 1-8.
We are no more than a fortnight from the festival of chaudenoce and many merchants and travelers from the trade route crowd the ferries to cross the Tuflik. This is the point of departure for a journey that will lead adventurers into the Udgru in pursuit of a dream, a tower.

EKB5-03 La Proie pour l’ombre (Prey for the Shadow)
In recent weeks, the village Médrina is no longer peaceful. A strange apparition disturbs its peace. The Thunder Knights of Dezbat are camped nearby. An ancient tragedy has surfaced.

EKB 5-04 Retour à Castel Ashir (Return to Castle Ashir). Levels 1-12.
In the life of every adventurer, it is a time when one makes a choice of conscience. Such choices might, perhaps, have no consequences, but who knows, they may also profoundly influence one’s entire life. Can you make the right choice?

TUS4-04 My Big Fat Tusman Wedding.
I couldn’t find any information on this adventure. Please email me if you know the synopsis and levels.

EKB 5-05 & TUS5-06 La Mission Tusmane (The Tusmane Job). Levels 1-12.
Will you be tempted by a treasure hunt in the company of an impoverished merchant and his charming wife?

EKB 5-06 & TUS5-07 La Mission ekbirienne (The Ekbirian Job). Levels 1-14.
A mysterious Ekbirrian princess has found refuge in Tusmit and attracts much attention. Will you find your way through all kinds of intrigues?

EKB 6-03 Le Secret du Chevalier noir (The Secret of the Black Knight). Levels 1-14.
Go in search of the secret of the Black Knight of Udgru and discover the mystery of his origins!

EKB7-03 Dans les griffes du Tigre (In the Clutches of the Tiger). Levels 1-14.
The time to cross the mysterious black door has come. What will you find behind? A truly traumatizing experience in the realm of suffering, horror and madness, not recommended for sensitive souls. You are accused…

EKB7-04 L’Héritage (The Legacy). Levels 3-16.
A strange group attacks a noble to rob or rather to seize his sword. The characters will be responsible for finding this very ancient family weapon family. What a fabulous power is concealed by the blade’s ivory pommel? Thus begins the journey to the secrets of the past and the future!

Un Fil à la patte (A Wire in the Paw) — 2 adventure campaign in Ekbir.

EKB5-07 Un Fil à la patte (A Wire in the Paw). Levels 1-14.
The Ekbir fleet is held in check by the Ataphades. Will the Pinnacles come to their aid as in the past?

EKB5-08 En état de grâce (In a State of Grace). Levels 1-14.
Hunters and prey at once, will you be able to get you out of this mess?

Les Familles marchandes (The Merchant Families) — 4 adventure campaign in Ekbir.

EKB6-02 Le Cadeau d’Al Zarad (The Gift of Al Zarad). Levels 1-14.
There is mayhem in the city of Fashtri. Strange incidents occur, scoundrels prowl, and an assassin is at work. Can the adventurers solve this?

EKB7-01 Les Profondeurs de Rocfaille (The Depths of Rocfaille). Levels 1-12.
A merchant of Mouqollad wants to hire adventurers to reinforce the security of cargo to the mining village Rocfaille located on the dangerous foothills of Yatils. But it may be in the depths of the mountains themselves that the real danger lurks.

EKB7-02 Âmes perdues (Lost Souls). Levels 1-14.
It has been several weeks since several boats were chartered by the Consortium of Mouqollad to join Fashtri, but they have never arrived. The merchant families want to do everything possible to solve the mystery of the disappearance.

EKB6-06 Infestation (Infestation). Levels 1-14.
In time of war, wood is a commodity more precious than metal. Roncière, a forest village on the outskirts of the Udgru seems to be the first appearance of strange creatures. The wood supply must not be slowed. It is up to the adventurers to do what is needed.

Préceptes d’Azor’Alq (Precepts of Azor’Alq) — 4 adventure campaign in Ekbir and Murenshi Island.

EKB6-04 Une Lumière dans la Nuit (A Light in the Night). Levels 2-14.
Overwhelmed by death, despair and helplessness, when there is no more hope, will you turn to the light to find you the purity and courage necessary to banish the darkness?

EKB 6-08 Force et Honneur (Strength and Honor). Levels 2-14.
The horror of war falls first on the weak and innocent. Will you find enough strength in your heart to repel the forces of evil?

EKB8-01 La Relique (The Relic). Levels 2-15. An experienced party with a diplomat is recommended.
Supernatural forces demand that you to complete a quest of greater danger behind the lines of the forces of evil in order to find a relic in power capable of changing the course of a battle or a war. Can you show you are pure, strong, and brave enough to ensure the triumph of the forces of Light?

EKB8-02 En terre ennemie (In Enemy Territory). Levels 3-16, Murenshi Island, Dramidj Ocean.
The island of Murenshi is now a dangerous territory where a large number of disturbing creatures roam. The island, first conquered by the minions of Kazurka, saw the apparition of a strange veil of shadow that enveloped the gorges of Malvallon. Then the terrible red dragon Fragorox returned to the island to reconquer its former territory with ferocity. Yet it is on this inhospitable island adventurers must go to finish their mission.


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