The Greyhawk Campaign, Report 1

So we’re three sessions into our Greyhawk Domain campaign. Here’s a brief rundown on it, just for fun.

I play Jarek Loretongue (N), an elven mage of the Goldenmead family that runs an inn along Jewel River. Arizha (CN) is a Tiefling thief from up north, who sometimes poses as a realty agent from Greyhawk City. Bob (LE) is a half-orc cleric of Hextor. Jimmy (NE) is a ranger from the Gnarley Woods. Sairi (N) is a witch.

Meeting at Greyhawk City, we took on a job to recover Malik Herekhill, a missing merchant, and traveled to Dern in the Mistmarsh. After a four day journey to Dern, things went sour almost immediately. A cult was running the local temple. After trying to investigate the abandoned Foaming Mug Inn, we attracted a hostile crowd. We escaped, but Jarek was forced to flee after fighting a 14 year old thief (I swear, someday that kid’s name will be legend!). An old lady told us Derric at the Dragon’s Rest Inn should take a dirt nap, and as this seemed the most attainable objective in sight, we took it as our own. Arriving at the Dragon’s Rest Inn at noon, we found Bob and Jimmy already staking the place out. The next instant, Derric was marching an escort of 5 thieves down the stairs and the other 5 guys in the room locked and barred all the exits. Did I mention we were 1st level? Crap.

After killing all 11, Bob was unconscious and the rest of us at 0 HP or near it. The party then decided to split up. Jimmy went to tell the folks at the Harvest Bounty Inn about all the folks we just killed. Arizha went to check on our horse and cart in the stable. The rest of us searched the bodies and then checked in the basement. Deep thought was not involved.

Arizha came running back to tell us about the angry mob on its way. Jimmy didn’t make it back and went to hide in the marshes. We fled downstairs, found a secret door and then a secret dirt passage. Entering the passage, we killed 2 ghouls and a giant snake. Did I mention we were 1st level? Anyways, it turned out our “passage” was actually a catacombs with no exits. The rest of the ghouls escaped into the Dragon’s Rest Inn and caused havoc among the surviving villagers. We dug our way up and hid in the crawlspace under one of the local houses. As the mages slept, Arizha kept watch and got to see Jimmy’s body being dragged to the temple. Crap.

The rest of the party escaped south, with Bob now conscious. We healed for a day then returned, floating down the river to sneak up to the back of the old woman’s house, where we spilled our guts and received much coin for killing Derric. There was much rejoicing. She also told us that the Baron and a platoon of men were in town hunting us, and that our faces were on wanted posters. There was less rejoicing. She also mentioned that she would make sure the Baron heard all about the ghouls, cultists and the rest. Good enough. The party then floated out of town and tried to make it back through the edge of the marshes to Greyhawk City to see if we could clear our names. Along the way, two goblins received the brunt of our frustrated bloodlust, then we ran away from 4 bugbears. After crossing the river at Ferrybend, booty was sold and a party of Centaurs was relieved of some treasure (they had far too much) by Arizha and Jarek. After purchasing some ponies, we continued on towards the Free City.


About lostdelights

An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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