Treasure Generators for Pathfinder

Generating treasure in Pathfinder can be difficult, especially because of the rapid growth of the game. There are d20 and 3.5 lists and generators out there, but Pathfinder’s growth makes those less than complete. There are charts in the Pathfinder Game Mastery Guide, but there are also fan-built electronic solutions, which I prefer.

I found a Random Town Treasure Generator put together by Sean Wijbrandus. That one is useful for the DM knowing what magic is in town, but probably not what is for sale.

The Treasure Generator from Monster Advancer seems more useful, as it generates loot from both monsters and parties encountered. The treasure for a first level party without a total value listed was pretty high, so I’d suggest the DM set a limit there of how much he’s willing for them to get. The automatic value setting seems low to me. Doubling it makes more sense to me.

There’s another Treasure Generator by that is very similar to Monster Advancer’s, but has a few more controls. There are versions for desktops, laptops and mobile devices. There’s a French version available as well.


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