The Land of Wormy

Anyone who remembers gaming in the early ’80s remembers Wormy, a comic strip that Dave Trampier did for the Dragon. Glorious colors, great inking, great story. Too bad it didn’t continue, but thank goodness for the strips that did appear! Wormy, a fire-breathing dragon and wargamer, is the greatest power in the valley, especially after he steals the 16 demon balls from the Dwarven bowlers. Irving the imp sticks around his place as well. There were lots of secondary characters. From least powerful to most, they were:

    Mutants, including the three-eyed toad and two-headed turtle.
    Giant rats, like Snaggly.
    Goblins, including Ed.
    The Dwarven Bowlers.
    Stone drakes, including Fred.
    Gargoyles like George.
    Hobgoblins, including Pete, Rock, Boon, Farley, Luther, Amos, Louie, Shaggy, & Silas.
    The trolls, high in the trees in Treetown or underground in Trolltown. Most of these are Wooly (or Wood) Trolls (like Dudley, Larry, Frank, Old Charly, & Merl), but there are also Moss Trolls (like Big Barny & Grumble), and Mud (or Swamp) Trolls like Catfish. Catfish has a salamander buddy named Bender.
    Long-jawed Mudsuckers, Crocigator Gars & Lake Sturgeon in Mudsucker Pond.
    Giant Nightcrawlers
    Butch the Minotaur and Wesly the Werebear.
    Jedd the Bounty Hunter.
    Ogres, including Jack, Floyd, Otis, & Rudy.
    Ace the Cyclops who lives in an old shack near the pond with his cyclopic hound dog Hambone.
    The Banshees in Banshee Well up in the hills.
    The Faceless Goons.
    The Cacodemon.
    The Storm Giants, Saro, Barbadicus, & Achorrath.
    Gremorly the Mage, who lives beyond the Zammarak Mountains. He is served by both a tiny imp and by Solomoriah the Shadowcat.

Nowadays there’s a collection of those old strips at and another one at You should check them out. The image below is one of my favorites.



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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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