Summoning in Sertorius

My character in Sertorius is an orc Sertori named Aellios Helvatani, former Senator from Helvaro in the Caellum Republic. His only combat spell is Summon and slots for Summon are limited to double the number of points one puts into Agape (so, the maximum is 6). Moreover, the first six creatures you summon are the ones you’ll be able to summon for ever after, so be careful about what you call. Your summons are limited to types of creatures, but within those types you have great leeway. For example, you should always reserve one slot for Sertori, because you can then name the specific Sertori you want to summon on any specific occasion. You can summon an ally for assistance one day, then summon an enemy the next so you can assassinate them. The other five slots are up for grabs. The roll is your Persuade versus the target’s Resolve, so I’ve charted out the creatures that are easiest to summon (lowest Resolve) with the biggest bang (highest Wounds). Here’s that chart:

Sertorius Summoning Chart

Remember that once they are summoned, you still need to negotiate, bargain, or command the target to help you (and not attack for being summoned!). Powerful guardian creatures summoned by cathartic spell-casting should have a sacrifice of some kind ready at hand. That said, here’s my suggestions for those five slots:

1. Tanoor: A giant swan that can sink ships. Good for naval encounters.
2. Living Dune: Sweeps over your enemies and can work perhaps even better in a dungeon crawl.
3. Ramose’s Burning Eagles: For the ever-popular Gandalf escape by giant eagles, plus they can burn your enemies.
4. Sarilla’s Serpents: Very easy to control (esp. with Whispers of the Wild) and pretty tough.
5. Either Ogre Vampire or Naga Man (Eastern): Either makes a pretty good assassin for getting rid of political obstacles. If you prefer a nuclear option, then take Tohireo as he can lay waste to a region easily, if you are willing to take a chance on being fried as well.

If you have other ideas, please add a comment! I haven’t used all my slots yet.


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