Runequest 6 Character Generation Excel Chart

I am working up a character for Runequest 6, which is quite different from the 2nd edition I used to play. More races are available as characters, but with few rules on how to modify the stats. No worries, that is easily figured out. Attributes are harder to raise than they used to be, so creating the right character at the start is very important. I initially created a tank that would have done well with 2nd edition — huge SIZE, good STR & CON, and hoped to increase attributes (stats like DEX, etc.) eventually. After reading the rules, I figured out that Tank would have decent hit points, but would strike last (because of low DEX), received less experience (because of low CHA), and would get less chance to improve through experience (because of low INT), and would also start with significantly lower base skills. In other words, not a viable character. My solution in 2nd edition would have been to gone with Teeny, who would have less HP but could use a lot of great weapons. Here, his damage bonus was disastrously low (based on CON+SIZ), so he was out as well. The Fast character seemed the best, a warrior with brains and speed but with minimal muscle and size. Below is a capture from the Excel chart I used (and here is the RQ6 character generation worksheet itself). A couple provisos with all this… I didn’t add all the skills, just the ones I was interested in. If you expand the chart, please let me know and send me a copy so I can post the new one instead. Secondly, I color-coded the results. Green was good, yellow was bad (in my eyes). The lists of numbers next to damage mod and other characteristics are the values that represent a jump up to the next bonus level (or down to the lower one!). Notice the huge difference in base skill scores? That makes a big difference when you only get 200 points from the system to distribute. You can increase your points as much as 150 points if you create Teeny!

runequest character generation excel chart


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