Runequest 6 Orlanthi Combat Styles (plus Dark Sun)

Orlanthi warriorsI like the use of combat styles to preserve the feel of different cultures in RQ6, but there isn’t a lot of guidance about what makes up those combat styles. Page 80 of the Essentials book has some samples. I also found some ideas at Hexcrawler and there was some other ideas about real world combat styles for medieval settings at, but ultimately I had to create my own. Using Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes (pp. 18, 33), I came up with:

Orlanthi Foot Soldier: Long spear, long sword or axe, medium or large shield, sling.
Orlanthi Archer: Long bow, axe (1H), short sword, dagger.
Orlanthi Slinger: Sling, axe (1H), dagger, medium shield.
Orlanthi Cavalry: Short spear, Short bow (or recurve), long sword, medium or large shield.

Orlanthi nobles are typically cavalry or foot soldiers. They may ride to battle, but many choose to fight on foot (perhaps because of the mountainous terrain). Archers are usually lower in social standing, while Slingers are drawn from the poor goat herders.

As I was learning about these things, I stumbled over a wonderful resource page for Dark Sun players. It includes combat styles, a map, equipment, etc. for running RQ6 in the Dark Sun setting. Definitely worth a look!


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2 Responses to Runequest 6 Orlanthi Combat Styles (plus Dark Sun)

  1. jnelson871 says:

    Nice post! There are many more details provided in the complete version of the RuneQuest6 book. Check it out.

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