Recruiting for the Navah Campaign

I’m looking for some players for my online campaign (on We have three player characters so far:

  • Gunther, infantry veteran, currently working as a legbreaker for the Broken Branch gang.
  • Letholdus Carac, veteran archer and hunter of rare birds, investigating the murder of his brother Gyles.
  • Blade, a bon vivant and person of mystery.

The campaign is currently in Anthavar, the City of Lions, capital of the Anthavarn Empire. The player characters grew up in the city and as young men are now becoming entangled in the workings of the underworld.

I’ve been gaming since 1978 and running my campaign world since 1980. The system I use is called Journeyman, and is my own design. I started this campaign years ago with Runequest because I liked the combat system, but the magic system was too weak so I made it more diverse, more like the sorcery one might fight in the world of Elric. The combat system changed too, becoming faster in resolution. Then rest of the system followed. Now it is a stand-alone game based on the use of 1d10. Here’s some things I can tell you about the game:

  • Player characters start as human. Most adventures take place on the material plane, but the realm of Faerie lays very near and things can strange over there. Adventurers may start as human, but along the way some have become Gryphons, ghosts, vampires, and even a potted plant.
  • Encountered creatures can be classed as Animals, Aliens, Faeries, Demons, or Undead.
  • Characters that die may continue as Faeries (if the party is in Faerie at the time) or as Undead (if WILL rolls are made).
  • Character abilities are classed as skills. This includes Magic. Basic skills in magic are Body Control, Perception, Domination. Second circle skills include Body Command, Spiritology, Sorcery, Telepathy, Transformation, and Shaping. Third circle skills include Awareness, Teleportation, Shapechanging, Necromancy, Enchantment, Restoration, and Transmogrification.
  • Combat is bloody and dangerous. Healing is advanced, even to the regeneration of lost limbs.
  • Magicians can be exceptionally powerful characters (think of Elric), but it takes a while to get there. All players can learn magic. Most players start with warriors with some scouting or magical skills.
  • Lots of the monsters are unique. When I say, “giant rats,” you should probably ask, “how big?”
  • Technology is generally similar to that in the 1350s, but there is the occasional ancient tech artifact.
  • Characters should be ready to risk life and limb in a fight, but should think of ways around it if they can. There are lots of ways to die. Running away is sometimes a better choice.

Game support is run through Canvas, so new players should send me their gmail accounts. We use gmail so we can share GoogleDocs. There are a few other articles from this blog that are useful for new players to read:

Dakin’s Rules for Gamemastering

Swords in Role-playing Games

Monsters in Journeyman

Kleplok, a Monster from Journeyman

The Play is the Thing. There’s also a Part II and Part III to this topic.

Installing the Referee’s Safety Switch

In which I remember why I moved away from Experience Points

Missing Limbs and Magic Items

Dave’s Mapper

So, please contact me if you are interested and would like to chat further.


About lostdelights

An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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  1. Derek says:

    Looking to get some info on joining. Thx

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