The Black Destroyer (The Coeurl)

Black Destroyer by Mimi JJThe Displacer Beast is a copyrighted property of Wizards of the Coast, but its inspiration, the Coeurl, is not. A.E. Van Vogt wrote about the Coeurl back in “The Black Destroyer” (1939). The Coeurl were intelligent, with two tentacles coming out of their shoulders, communicates with electro-magnetic radiation, and kills humans by eating their phosphorous (originally) or potassium (in the later novelization). Pathfinder used the Coeurl in Adventure Path 22: The End of Eternity, for which they secured a single-use license. That’s Chapter 4 of the Legacy of Fire series, if you are interested. The illustration above is by Mimi JJ. Click on the image to order a print.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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