A Series of Unfortunate Dice Rolls

The afternoon group is tackling Zardock’s Lair, but today’s adventure was marred by a number of fumbles. An early example was the entire party, roped together during a cliff climb, peeling off the cliff one after another because no-one had taken any Climb skill. Their earth elemental, acting as the anchor on the rope, saved their bacon. The party did better against the Jelly Glob, as two of the warriors had just purchased flaming blades with their share of the Treasure of King Ertos.

But tragedy soon caught up with them. Towards the end of the game day, the party was encamped in the caverns, and had cleverly Shaped two-foot thick stone walls across both sides of the gallery they were in, so that nothing could sneak up on them in the night. They did not, however, put any barrier in front of the secret door they had just found. They then relaxed in the large gallery, taking three watches over the night. The first watch was a disaster. Both Skyler and Gunther rolled 10s on 1d10 (a ten is always a fumble in Journeyman). So I ruled that Skyler got up to relieve himself in a dark corner, and Gunther used this time to take care of some personal business of his own, and therefore was not paying attention to Skyler. Skyler was gripped from the rear by a crocodilian humanoid (a Grue) that held him tight and began to nosh on his right arm. Skyler managed to roll another 10 in his escape attempt, so the Grue took him deeper into the darkness. I gave Skyler a roll to get out a yell, but he rolled another 10 (that’s one in a thousand folks!). Gunther eventually wondered why he didn’t hear any piddling in the corner, and why Skyler hadn’t come back to the fire. He ran over but couldn’t see anything, and then thought of the secret door and ran down it with his longsword, his Dancing Sword leaping out of its scabbard and also charging after Skyler. Both caught up with the Grue in a large grotto, and attacked. The Dancing Sword landed a hearty blow on the Grue’s leg, and it released Skyler. Gunther rolled two 10s in a row (critical fumble, one out a hundred chance) and then swung a mighty blow that chopped his own lower right leg almost off. It was hanging by a thread. All of the commotion in the room caused a gigantic tentacled demon (Mass = 10,000 kg.) to surface from the rock itself, and seek victims. Everyone rolled to see whom it took, and Gunther lost. Luckily for Gunther, it grabbed his right lower leg, and pulled it clean off. Skyler and Gunther retreated, aided by Moira and Fand, who had now caught up with them. The Grue made an unfortunate choice to continue its flight, and the Dancing Sword continued to attack. The demon grabbed the Grue this time, crushing its chest with 52 points of damage before the unfortunate crocodilian disappeared down its gullet. The Dancing Sword, realizing its danger, followed the retreating humans. The demon did not follow, but disappeared back into the stone. Thankfully, Gunther then proceeded to make his Body Control roll, but Skyler failed his First Aid roll on Gunther, who was losing a lot of blood. Gunther manned up and began to bandage himself, but then passed out as he tightened the bandage (he rolled another 10 for First Aid). Skyler used his own flaming sword to cauterize Gunther’s wound, this time rolling successfully.

As the referee, I had trouble breathing sometimes as they kept rolling 10s. I’m really starting to suspect that Roll20’s dice rolls are not kosher. Oh, and don’t worry about Gunther. He is a master of Body Command and it will only take him a few days to regrow that leg. Note to self, I really should mention to the group that I’m using Fairy Godmother points again (each character gets three times they can modify a roll in the course of their career). I was laughing so hard I didn’t remember about that!


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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