Mapping Navah

I’ve been working on mapping Navah again. The output from Fractal Terrains 3 has made that job a bit easier, although I have to patch together screen captures from the world map to make it all work. As the party moves along the roads, I’ve been preparing sectors ahead of them, which allows me to build the world and understand better the dangers and the politics before them. Here’s the first sector they are working through. I have a city generator that my wife created that provides full statistics on everyone in town, plus a secondary file that details inns, brothels, the military, magician covenants, priests & their gods, the thieve’s guild, and leading citizens. It generates different outputs if the settlement is a port or a mining area. And it makes my life so much easier!

Map of Thiros sector, AnthavarThe morning group has just arrived in Pegia. The lead-in for today’s adventure runs like this:

About several nights camping in the woods by the waggons, Pegia is a welcome sight. Everyone is looking forward to a decent meal as three days of trail rations had left all of you constipated or gassy. There are about a hundred buildings clustered around the sheltered bay. You expect that most of the residents are Fishers, but the village sees enough travel along the road that there are four inns. A guard in half-plate with long dark hair and a hawk nose and a friendly manner warns you that there is only really decent inn in town, the Wheel of Boots. Letholdus refuses to take this at face value but after some investigation, discovers that the other three inns do indeed have some of the worst food and drink he has ever encountered.

The party tucks into a lovely meal at the Wheel of Boots. Yerny Hylton, the emaciated young man who runs the Wheel pays little attention to them — his attention is always on the kitchen and the staff. But the eyes of everyone else in the room (and indeed in the village) are upon the party, who obviously are people of importance. The armor you wear is that of Barons, and you stink of magic, including Gui-D. A blond man and his tiny red-haired beauty are the only ones who aren’t watching; they are too busy with each other in the rear booth. A half-empty bottle of whiskey is in front of them.

The waggons are nothing to look at, but they draw interest nonetheless due to the nature of their owners and to their protectiveness. Letholdus and Venlok draw first watch, and have their suppers brought to them at the waggons. A host of children surround the waggons, and only keep their distance after Letholdus threatens them. Several chase Gui-D around town (his weapon systems have not repaired themselves yet). Venlok constantly fingers his knife. Others watch the waggons as well. Two that stand out are a small balding woman with big ears, pipestem arms, and a paunchy gut and her equally ugly butch friend with blue eyes, broad forehead, and a blond mohawk cut short. The local lord, dressed in full plate, encamps next to the weaponsmith’s across the street with six men-at-arms. All have mounts nearby.

In the evening, the inn features entertainment by Lewis the Laugher, a large muscular man who looks more like a circus strongman than a stand-up comedian. Lewis has black hair & eyes and an Afro from which protrudes two enormous ears. He relies chiefly on pratfalls for his laughs, and fart jokes, and no one is terribly interested in him tonight. When Blade lavishly rewards his antics, Lewis becomes his friend for the evening, and shares with him a great deal of local rumors.

“There’s a Gurakali raiding party down in Thiros,” he tells Blade. “The mage’s guild of Kinghaven organized a strike force against them, and the Lord Protector Seynte has sent a fleet against them! There’s no telling when they will attack north. They say,” he adds, leaning closer, “that a party of adventurers has found the Treasure of King Ertos at last.” He begins to look a bit apprehensive, as if he has said too much but stumbles on, unable to stop. “They’d be coming… from… uh… from the same way that… you gentlemen are coming from.” As he finishes, his voice drifts off like a ship cut from its moorings, and he looks increasingly apprehensive. “Uh… it’s getting a bit late for me.” He continues to make his apologies as he exits, stage right.


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