Two Parties become One

Today I combined the two online groups I’ve been running through my Navah campaign. My life is getting a little too busy for two, and both groups were between adventures, so it was a good time for a change. One player dropped out because of the time change, and my wife dropped out because she prefers to listen to the madness as an audience. I promptly promoted her to Junior Referee, as there was a lot to be done with so many players in one party. The new line up was:

  • Blade, the spymaster
  • Dwalin, the dwarf warrior who after a typo became Dwain the Mighty
  • Gui-D, the magic robot
  • Letholdus, the hunter of rare feathers
  • Ranson Spurlac, the wizard
  • Skyler, the escaped barbarian slave
  • Venlok, the thief

The adventure began with an audience with the Empress Annora. She was not amused by the group’s failure to pay the taxes on the treasure troves they had found, so the group was voluntold to seek her lost beloved, thirty six years missing! The group was sent to Faerie and told not to return without Alexander. This was not the first time an unwanted group of adventurers was sent on this particular mission. But off they went, with Sir Guiness and his latest squire (and lover) to guide them to the twilight realm. Once there, the players squabbled quite a bit, but eventually they went in search of Sir Flopsy, Sir Guiness’s friend, only to run into a gang of Greenhead poukas. That’s right, talking greenheads. You have to be from the east coast to understand the horror behind that. But the fly-headed poukas went down hard, all of them, from Brrzzt to Brzztizzt. A few made it away, but Bob, the weirdo in the group, fought to the end, and was rewarded by a healing from the party. This was so unexpected that he promptly decided to join the party as an NPC, or at least that’s what the party understood from his hand gestures. No one could understand his buzzing. Letholdus wanted to go looking for the Greenhead base. What an awful idea! But fortunately the rest had had enough, and off they went to seek the fabled Flopsy.

Of course, for miniatures of fly-headed warriors, there was… nothing. So I turned to Russ Nicholson‘s memorable drawings of the Flymen from the Hive of the Hrr’l, an adventure in White Dwarf back in the day. I colorized them. Here’s the result…

Greenhead pouka mageGreenhead Pouka Warrior

And Russ, if you want me to take these down, just ask. You the man!


About lostdelights

An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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