The High Lean House of the Gnoles

The party parted company with Bob after finding him sucking the flesh off of a family of wee folks. After leaving the four survivors with the next door neighbors, Ranson teleported Bob several miles away and the party continued to the Burrows. Of course, Bob, knowing a good thing when he saw it, came back and ate not only the four surviving children but the good-hearted neighbors as well. That’ll teach ’em.

The party sought help at the Burrows but only Spiderflight the Pixie would help them. The Red Elves had pulled off his wings and he sought vengeance. To do this, he advised the party to disguise themselves as Gnoles and enter the Brambles, the roughest part of the elven city of Cramoisi. To do so, they would have to kill a party of Gnoles and wear their fur. The party readily agreed, and off they went to reconnoiter the Gnoles house. Below is the image I showed them, which is Sidney Sime’s original drawing with the Gnoles, Nuth, and their victim photoshopped out.

Sidney Sime's illustration of the Gnoles with gnoles and Nuth photoshopped out.

Venlok and Blade scouted until Venlok was nearly flattened by a large boulder trap. The sound brought six Gnoles running, but Letholdus and Venlok killed two of them. The others retreated, unfortunately for Skyler, who had already worked himself into a berserker rage that would last another fourteen rounds. Dwain the Dwarf arrived next to Skyler out of breath and was astonished to find Skyler turn on him when there were no more enemies (Skyler failed his INT roll). Skyler chopped off Dwain’s left arm and then maimed his right leg. Letholdus put an arrow in Skyler’s knee, and from the house, a gnole put a crossbow bolt into Skyler’s abdomen. He went down, but continued to crawl after his comrades. Ranson teleported Dwain out of harm’s way and healed him, and Letholdus put an arrow through the arrow slit in the house’s shutters, yielding a cry of pain from within. Ransom sent Toot the air elemental inside to do more damage while Venlok fell from his tree, raced to the house and climbed up to another shuttered window, only to be faced with a crossbow. Shot in the head and unconscious, he fell to the ground. Blade continued to circle around the building and scout out the other traps. At last they decided to send Quake the earth elemental to tear a hole in the wall so they could invade. No-one noticed that Venlok’s unconscious body had disappeared.

PS: Gnoles are different in my world, and are based on Sidney Sime’s original drawings. Here’s the paper miniature I made up:
Miniature of Gnole


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