Skinning the Gnoles

Session 2 of the adventure. The players had killed two gnoles outside the house, but were taking fire from inside and had suffered a lot of wounds thanks to Skyler’s berserk rage gone bad. With Skyler mostly incapacitated, Letholdus lent Blade his ring of teleportation and Blade teleported just inside the front door and unbarred it safely. The rest entered and methodically slaughtered the two remaining gnoles in the house (one had already died last session when Letholdus made a beautiful shot right into his eye). Blade found Venlok downstairs in the dungeon, but Venlok had already recovered unconsciousness and picked his way out of his manacles using his mouth. A man of unique talents, ladies! Anyways, they found a tunnel leading to the mines from the basement, which Blade was convinced (wrongly) was the home of a gloopy monster. Upstairs in the house they found an open window through which one gnole had escaped.

The party entered the mines reluctantly, but not quite carefully. After the first trap (a log drop from the ceiling), they got more cautious. The three foot wide path around the 160 foot gorge worried them, so they put Venlok in front and found the piston trap designed to shove them in. Quake disarmed it, though both Blade and Venlok had to climb over the elemental several times as it left them no room on the path going back and forth. Once the trap was disarmed, Venlok proceeded and triggered the next one (right after the first), a chute into the gorge. He made an Acrobatics roll and grabbed the edge of the cliff, and with Blade’s help got back up. They reached the end of the path and could see another passage 15 feet away across the gorge. Venlok used his Dwarven expanding clamps to slowly and carefully climb around the cliff at the end and made it to the passage, whereupon I reminded him that he was wearing a flying harness and could have just flown across. He didn’t forget again!

More traps, more injuries. Blade just had to climb a 30 foot cliff because he was sure Venlok (who flew up) had missed something. Coming back down, he slipped and crushed his right leg. Gui-D stayed behind hoping that Blade would pass out so he could try out his new surgical blades. Luckily for Blade, he stayed awake, probably because Gui-D kept making that loud and annoying tick-tock noise as he stared at Blade’s leg. The rest of the party went on until finally they felt they had explored the mines. They encountered gnoles but they vanished (behind false walls) and then foolishly the gnoles decided on a second try, this time an attack from the rear. Dwain cleaved one from head to pelvis and the other two took off running. One died quickly, and the other was slowed by a heat bolt from Gui-D, who then stepped aside to film the resulting combat between crippled Blade and crippled Gnole. Blade won.

After a day, Ranson healed Blade, whereupon Blade went outside to get Skyler (finally!) and fell into the other pit trap on the stairs (hee-hee!). The party skinned the gnoles and tanned them over the next two weeks, while Dwain’s left arm regenerated. Now equipped with gnole skins and a small trunk of emeralds richer, the party is ready to enter the Brambles of Cramoisi. They are also ready to kill Spiderflight, since the Pixie has been pulling practical jokes on them for the entire two weeks.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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