After defeating the red elves on the Waveknife, the players freed the galley slaves and divided the loot. This took some time. Ranson had fumbled a magic roll and put himself into a six day trance. The bodies of the red elves and their accomplices were stripped and shoved overboard, where the shark-toothed Tritons snatched them up. After Ranson woke up, the players took their loot, and the mage disenchanted some of the extra flaming blades and then used the trapped fire elementals to enchant some of the better weapons. That still left several extra flaming blades, which he disenchanted and kept the resulting stat points, including an extra WILL point and extra INT point. The left over arms and armor were given to the escaped slaves.

In the next few days, Ranson chased a Sea Serpent away with Domination, and Letholdus changed into an eagle to scout for land. Since there was none around, he dove down and captured one of the many wee folk of the sea, a whitefish in top hat and tails. Letholdus ate him as the whitefish screamed and begged for his wife and family. The little top hat tumbled into the sea.

A fierce storm hit, and the landlubbing party could do little to save the ship. Blade alone saved some of the rigging; the rest of the group was useless and Venlok nearly went overboard. The main mast went, along with much of the rigging and most of the oars, and ultimately the ship went to the bottom. The party clung to spars and pieces of wood and drifted until they reached a lonely island. 40 of the slaves survived with them.

They landed on a rocky shore under a cliff. They spotted an enormous Rukh on the highest of the island’s four peaks and decided to move north along the shore, away from the giant bird. Letholdus changed to an eagle and circled the island discreetly, spotting a lake that might have fresh water on the western side. The party circled counterclockwise around the island towards the lake.

Moving through a sugar palm grove, Skyler overheard the palms talking amongst themselves. The palms proved friendly, and Blade and Skyler scouted ahead while most of the party refreshed themselves with palm fruit in the shade.

Blade’s next encounter was less fortunate. Five miles away from the rest of the group, he encountered a forest of coconut palms that quickly knocked him unconcious with two coconuts to the head. Skyler, now armed with an Armcutter (a magic sword with a Slarg trapped within, giving great strength and low intelligence), rushed to attack the coconut tree in question, which screamed in pain. The other coconuts unleashed a flurry of fruit at Skyler, who heard his right leg crack before a particularly large coconut hit him in the groin. His vision blackened and he passed out from the pain.

The next day, Dwain and Gui-D led the rest of the group to find the missing scouts, and found them at the bottom of a pile of coconuts. Letholdus and Ranson came forward to cast Sorcery, and both fumbled. Ranson summoned something (which may be revealed next session) accidentally while Letholdus unleashed a magic explosion of 3d6 damage to everything within 50 m. Blade and Skyler took further damage, and four of the crew were knocked unconscious. The party withdrew a few miles away from the coconuts, now enraged by the damage from the explosion, and poured witchwood teas down the throats of the scouts until they could use Body Control to heal themselves. The mages then cast Sorcery on the four crew, reviving them.

Ranson then encountered a crab man, standing in the water of the nearby cover. He cast Domination/Friendship and asked the crab to bring him fish. The Crab Man (a Pouka Crab) returned with 30 of his friends, all carrying fish for the party and crew.

After they were refreshed, the Crabs disappeared underwater, warning of the giant bird on the island. The party soon learned the truth of that warning, as the Rukh returned from an unsuccessful hunt and spotted the large group of humans in the open. It dove upon them. Gui-D went underwater, Dwain clung to a large boulder, and Letholdus changed to a timber rattler and snuck under a rock. Blade and Skyler took off running for a grove of Sugar Palms, and Ranson alone stood his ground, casting Domination/Fear fruitlessly, upon which he too took off running. The Rukh killed six of the crew, tried to catch Blade but failed, and then returned to kill another six, then flew to its nest.





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