In the Tunnels under the Roc Nest

The party began exploring the tunnels under the Roc nest, which were created by the jumble of ships that the Roc used to make the nest. Passages are tall and low, narrow and wide, and often slant up and down the decks of ships at odd angles. The party was exploring a Dwarven steamship when 12 Kleploks attacked. A Kleplok is a demonic mantis-hound but the party was more than a match for them. Ranson fumbled during a Domination spell, and fell into a mystic sleep for 8 hours. One Kleplok made it away and headed deeper into the nest, where it worked out a plan with its colleagues to ambush the party. Before that, the party searched and found some golden Florins and a Dwarvish Axe of quality, and then camped until Ranson awoke.

Blade was investigating around a corner when the ambush took place. 30 Kleploks attacked, running across the floor, ceiling and walls so that four attacked each of the three party members in the advance guard (Blade, Letholdus, and Venlock). This taxed the party’s defensive abilities, and allowed the demons to begin to take a toll. Blade suffered the most, with multiple cuts and wounds, and warned that a TPK was a certain result of this combat. The Referee was unmoved. Letholdus was invulnerable in his Plate+8 armor, until Venlock fumbled and stabbed him mortally through the groin. Letholdus chose to use one of the 3 “Faery Godmother” points the players were allowed, and made Venlock rolls his attack again, this time not fumbling. Venlock took no damage until right at the end, when a lucky shot to his abdomen knocked him unconscious. Skyler covered his body from the one remaining Kleplok, who would otherwise have killed him. Meanwhile, Ranson put several Kleploks asleep whereupon Dwain’s dancing sword finished them off. Dwain and Skyler were outside of the combat initially, but worked their way in, killing Kleploks as they came. Both Blade and Venlock fumbled magically. Blade acquired a new fear, that would prove difficult later (he now faints from fear in the presence of Kleploks). Venlock caused himself 2d6 damage to every location, so he decided to use a Faery Godmother point instead.

The party found more treasure, including 4 Elfin potions that they don’t know what to do and which Ranson gave over to the care of Firesinged, his living belt pouch.

The party then encountered Congrallius, a living merchant ship, whom Ranson healed with Shaping and Sorcery. The party wants to tunnel him out of the nest, but for now left him to talk to Gui-D, and went on. A kilometer later, they walked into a room and cast their light about, discovering it was filled with Kleploks. That battle will wait for the next game.


About lostdelights

An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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