Deeper into the Nest

The players pressed on, deeper into the tunnels under the Roc’s nest, despite the continually increasing kleplok presence (kleploks are demon mantis dogs). This game they got ambushed by sixty-seven of the buggers, which swarmed them at up to seven kleploks attacking one person. That took everyone’s defense way down, and Skyler was nearly killed, with injuries to the arm, leg, and head. Letholdus was safe in his +8 Plate from everything except his friend’s fumbles. When Skyler lost his Armcutter, Letholdus tossed him a longsword. Skyler had already lost use of one arm, so the longsword was useless to him. Letholdus tossed him a Witchwood tea and after healing, Skyler went back to work. Blade was playing the artful dodger, and few if any of the creatures could hit him. Dwain was being swarmed and taking small hits, but the worst came when the creatures swarmed up the walls and ceiling and took out the mage Ranson in the back, killing him and then eviscerating his body. Ranson’s spirits disappeared, except for the Hand of Hosk which launched itself at Blade and tried to strangle him (unsuccessfully — Blade’s plate stopped it). Then it too left. The giant Kleplok that Ranson had just ensorcelled would come out of its stupor soon, so Dwain gutted it and then his Dancing Sword delivered the coup de grace.

Since they were in Faerie, Ranson’s spirit form manifested quickly. And now he is a Leprechaun. His Irish accent came out Scottish until he remembered to talk about his Lucky Charms. As a Faerie, he can’t use Spiritology to control other Faeries, but he can still summon demons and elementals.

The party continued on, but got bored with how complex the tunnels were. Blade got far away from the others and found another 10 kleploks, but since he had a chokepoint to defend, he finished them off quickly. They found a giant silver ring as large as two full-grown men, and it was hard to pull Blade away from it, but it was much too large to take. Besides, the party is rich now and silver seems not worth carrying any more. Everyone is saving space for gold and magic.

The party then found Rary, a Green Elf, who had survived in the wreckage for a long time. He joined the party, then they went on, finding a stash of Bright Goblin equipment, including repeating crossbows, +2 Plate, gold, and silver. The Leprechaun and the Dwarf took a suit of the armor each, and Venlok and Dwain each took a crossbow.

The party then started getting bored with the tunnels again and began splitting up again. Blade, Swoosh (his dancing sword), and Rary went off by themselves. We ended the game there, and I asked Blade’s player to stick around to talk.

I explained that when they were alone, Rary revealed himself to be a four-armed Rakshasa. Blade and Swoosh fought back, and Rary went invisible, whereupon the battle was fairly close. Blade was killed twice and had to use up the rest of his Faery Godmother points to survive. Blade had a 10 chance to hit, Rary got two chances at 11, and Swoosh had a 2. Aside from a fumble that hit Blade, Swoosh was little help until Rary lost one of his blades. Blade then cut the monster’s arm, and the battle was evened up. Both were unable to stand, and bleeding heavily, when Blade finally sliced open the creature’s belly. With a Witchwood Tea and Body Control, Blade healed up and rejoined the party.

The party will learn all of this next week. If Blade had died, I would have given him the Rakshasa to play, with the Rakshasa taking on Blade’s appearance. The Rakshasa would have used an illusion to have Rary appear to leave to adventure on his own, now that the party had killed off the kleploks, and then the Rakshasa (under the player’s control) would have tried to kill off the rest of the party. It would have been fun from my perspective, but Blade managed to survive. No more Faery Godmother points though — he’s going to have to be more careful in the future.



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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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