A Klump of Kleplocks

Skyler wandered off, as his player had taken a job that prevented him from playing at the normal time. We hope he is able to rejoin the party sometime in the future!

The party was uncertain whether to take Blade back. After all, perhaps the Rakshasa had killed him and taken his place, and was now going to kill the rest of them off. Admittedly, I’ve done stuff like that before, so the paranoia was justified. Eventually he convinced them that he was really Blade, adn they continued to explore. At the end of one set of tunnels, they found five man-sized eggs (which they did not touch) and four bottles of blood, including one of Dikdak blood. Ranson recalled that Dikdaks were the hereditary enemies of Kleplocks, and that smelling the blood of their enemies would enrage the other and send them seeking their foes above all else. Blade thought it would be a wonderful idea to dab blood on each of the party members, to ensure their safety. Once it was explained again, he abandoned that plan.

The party continued down the final remaining tunnel and discovered hundreds of Kleplocks, nesting close together and apparently sleeping. Backing off, they conceived of several ways to continue their explorations, including 1) coating one of the air daggers and sending it winging down the corridor to lead the Kleplocks away or 2) doing the same thing with Ranson’s invisible servant. Instead, they did neither, and at Letholdus’s urging, they backed off 100 feet and began to tunnel around the mass of Kleplocks with a Shaping spell to avoid them all together and continue beyond them. They of course sealed off the tunnel behind them to avoid discovery. They kept the tunnel a mere meter in diamater, so they could go as fast as possible. After nearly completely circling the Kleplock mass (and finding no tunnel beyond), Ranson inevitably fumbled on a Detect Life spell and found his spirit exchanging bodies with one of the Kleplocks. The party did not realize this. All they knew is that Ranson (who was in front), suddenly started a chittering growl and then turned and tried to bite off Venlok’s face. And there the adventure ended for the day.


About lostdelights

An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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