Congrallius is Freed

Startled, Venlok tries to wrestle Ranson to the ground but the pathetically small mage wriggles free. Blade tries Control Person but that does nothing, so Letholdus tries Control Emotions (Love) and Ranson begins hugging and licking Venlok rather than fighting him. Venlok tries to wrestle free again but fumbles and Ranson reverses the position and gets the unfortunate thief in a compromising position. Eventually the party subdues Ranson and ropes him up.

Meanwhile, Ranson’s spirit finds itself in a Kleplok body in the nest. Exploring the area, he discovers a dismembered and long-dead mage, a small purse of gold, an ancient tome, and a large (8″x8″x8″) crystal from which 1-6 more Kleploks gate into the room each few minutes. As they appear, some of the demons already in the room are forced into the hallways and start to stalk the halls.

Ranson uses Telepathy to tell Blade of his situation. He then takes the crystal and pouch and embeds them in a rock bubble he forms in the south wall.Then he taps on the wall and waits for Letholdus to tunnel to the bubble through Shaping. The crystal is left embedded but the book and gold recovered, whereupon the transformed mage moves out of the nest and seals it shut with Shaping.

The rest of the party joins him in the hallway and retreats to Congrallius, the living merchant vessel, who is still in conversation with Gui-D. Along the way, they fight and defeat another six Kleploks.

Once back at Congrallius, they Shape a tunnel to free the vessel from the Roc’s Nest, a task that takes five full days. Congrallius then crawls out, slides down the mountain, and hides in a sea cave that Gui-D shows him. The party returns to the cave base of the surviving crew and shapes over 20 amphorae from the local rock, and fills them with water from the lake. The party gives the copy of Magikal Transformations to the sorceress Constance to read, as none of them can read the Ancient Tongue in which it is written. The crew has meanwhile traded for plenty of food from the Crab Poukas, and the whole crew journies down to Congrallius and prepares to make way, intending to search the islands of the south sea until they find the gate that will allow them to leave Faerie.

It is at this moment that Gui-D decides to share that the other peak on the island, which is guarded by flying swordsmen, probably has a gate upon it, as it bears the marks he noted long ago in the northlands when they first arrived in this realm. The party stares at the amphorae and stored food, and then at Gui-D. They are not terribly pleased.

PS: Ranson returns to himself eventually, and the party kills the Kleplok in which he was trapped.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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