The Gate (The Player’s Version)

One of the players (Letholdus) wrote up a synopsis of the adventure from his viewpoint, and gave me permission to share. Here it is:

“That damn GuiD told us, right as we were disembarking on the intelligent ship ‘Congralius’, that it detected a gate at the top of the northern mountain where the human-sized Flyers are.   Congralius would wait with new friend GuiD for 5 days and then disembark if we did not return.  He gave us a horn to summon him.  We then headed to said mountain where upon Dakin deposited us at the base of a large grassy hill-like map with a spiraling dirt road up to the top. Using our well-honed tunneling skills we popped up under a rock mound so that we could peek at the Flyers, then continued the narrow tunnel to the east, nearest rock obscured area to the gate.  Gate was surrounded by about 10 human sized apelike winged Flyers, with 20 more spread further out.  And as far as we can tell that’s all they did all day long is fly around the gate area, and on the upper part of road leading up to this gate.  No homes or nests or anything else spotted on the ground.  We made a small hole for our little leprechaun (Ranson) friend.  He popped out invisible and snuck across into the gate, no apes noticed (no gate visual/audible effects apparently). He quickly found out that went into a small dark cave, outside the cave it was actually night… so back to the human world presumably. He came back through, no apes noticed, and it was determined that no time had elapsed we saw him go into the gate and immediately reappear. We created another tunnel( no serious spell misfires throughout) directly in front of the gate, broke the lid, climbed out, and quickly jumped into the gate.  PCs first!!!  It appears the Duke and his companions were just a little more more heroic.  He and a few others stayed to guard the tunnel/gate entrance to allow his followers to exit, sadly about 5 of them died [Dakin: Actually, only 3 died]. The Duke was greatly injured but made it through last…hooray.  No apes followed.

We exited on to a copy of the same Island but in a different plane where there was no Roc or Flyers.  Looking from the mountaintops we saw a village with fires below.  Shaped a secret cave to hide in just in case near the coast.  Letholdus turned into an eagle and flew around to reconnoiter. Venturing a ways out saw no other land masses or islands.  The Village was a primitive tribe maybe 50-60 brown-skinned people.  We tried Congralius’s horn to no effect (rolled a 2 on a 10 sided, perhaps will arrive later, assuming he can even cross over?).  Next morning we went down to the thatched hut village (which has several outriggers moored) and the Duke tried to try to communicate with them, that did not work so well, language unknown, we exited stage left.  We snuck back and Ranson used his invisible servant (Krepgan)  to search the huts for prisoners… none found.  Went back to the lake and rested.  In the night about 15-20 villagers surrounded and attacked us.  Our vigilant guards didn’t notice anything till too late. Several of us on the perimeter were quickly knocked out.  Ranson put a lot of natives to sleep and then woke a few of them up when yelling to wake us up.  Dwain and Blade killed a number of the villagers but some of them dragged off Letholdus and everyone else [Dakin: Actually Blade never got a chance to fight any of the villagers. He was captured and rescued by Ranson & Dwain].  Ranson tried to use object locate to try to spot Letholdus’s teleport ring, but failed.  Blade then tracked the location (critical roll) to a cave (very close to our created hideout cave).  Ranson slept the 3 outside guards.  Dwain in all cases, not so grimly, slit slept guards throats.   Ranson tried to read Letholdus’s still unconscious mind but quickly recoiled from the disturbing Leprechaun imagery.  Lots of bats in the cave.  The party having searched the northern and southern passages (note that in the southern area there is passage we did not yet explore that has undisturbed guano) head west not far from an area where life was detected.   Blade sets off a net trap with lots of noisy seashells.  No enemies found yet in cave, the party, what remains of it, ventures deeper.”


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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