NAVAH: Against the Sharkmen

Dwain, Ranson, and Blade made their way into the caverns and found a large cavern from which chanting was emanating. As they entered, they heard a large splash followed by screaming. A host of natives attacked. Ranson and his invisible servant were in front of Blade and Dwain, so the two fighters couldn’t get past them. Ranson put two of the native warriors to sleep, and then was stabbed by the three behind them. Stunned for a few rounds, he managed to survive long enough to cast another sleep and then dispatch the servant south to investigate the screaming. This gave Dwain and Blade a chance to attack, and they drove the natives back with the aid of their dancing swords and Ranson’s sleep spells.

Meanwhile, Guardian of his People was sacrificing the captives to the great white shark Karchar, who swam in the grotto below, which was linked to the sea. One by one he cut their bonds and gags as he threw them in. Peronell Keller was the first to die, then Preciosa Duffelde, and Custance Bosse. Letholdus tried to free himself but failed, and he was unable to cast any spells because his skill was not great enough. Venlock freed himself easily, and made his way to Letholdus to free him as well.

Meanwhile, Dwain, Ranson, and Blade made short work of about fourteen warriors, and two (Butterfly on Flower and Leads by Example) failed their morale rolls and fled. Dwain and Blade pursued while Ranson and Chopstick (+2 Air Dagger) killed their sleeping foes. The invisible servant dropped the other sleepers into the shark tank.

Just as Letholdus was freed, Guardian of his People directed Kishkikar (Great White Shark Pouka) to attack the remaining captives. Letholdus, stripped of weapons and magic, moved to free the Duke, but fumbled his Shaping and dissolved into a blob of protoplasm for the rest of the fight. Dwain, his dancing sword (Air Elemental), Blade, and Swoosh (+3/+2 Krepgan Dancing Broadsword) rushed south to attack the Pouka. Ranson slept Butterfly on Flower and Leads by Example to get them out of the way of Blade.

The Pouka gobbled up Eauv Denys, but then turned to Dwain after the party’s initial attack. Dwain’s dancing sword fumbled, causing Dwain and he to lose their next attack. Dwain had to spend all of his Faery Godmother points to keep the Pouka from biting him in half (90 hp. damage each bite!). Ranson killed Butterfly and was moving on to Leads when he realized he had to help his comrades. He cast sleep on the Pouka, and then returned to his killing. Dwain and Blade killed the Pouka and then moved on Guardian of His People. Fortunately for the Shaman, he had not only removed the choicest loot from the captives (Ring of Feasting, Ring of Light, Ring of Teleportation, and Whelan’s Cloak), but he knew how to use them. He teleported away. Letholdus, when he returned to human form in ten minutes, was outraged.

From here, the party moved to a tunnel near the top of the cavern, with Venlock flying up and securing a rope so the rest could climb. They discovered they had to cross a swift river leading to the shark grotto. Venlock flew over, Blade teleported, and Letholdus shaped a rope guide across. This wasn’t enough help for Ranson, who fell into the water and down into the grotto, injuring his leg. He used Control Emotions on the shark and made it love him, and then used Move to slowly fly out of the pool and back to the cavern. Meanwhile, the tunnel proved a bust (it ended up in the guano room) and the party gathered once more in the cavern.

They found an ornately carved wooden door and opened it. It led up a winding set of stairs to a room decorated with wall paintings by the Sharkmen. Upon entering, they wished they had healed first, since 10 swords and shields surrounded them and attacked. And here we ended for the day.



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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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