NAVAH: The Heroes Return

The party returned to find the native village hastily abandoned, cooking slowly burning over the fires. After searching the Shaman’s hut, they followed the villagers to the hilltop near the gate. Letholdus shot the Guardian of the People, causing twelve warriors to attack and the rest of the village to flee further. Only three of the warriors survived their assault and were able to flee, the rest were killed. The party recovered four rings and the Whelan’s Cloak from the shaman (Ranson pocketed Letholdus’s teleportation ring as a lark but returned it shortly thereafter).

Blade and Letholdus then journied to Anthavar by their Shifter rings, where they discovered that seventy-two years had passed since they left, the product of their journey through Faerie. Letholdus found his family missing, and Ranson’s uncle John no longer in charge of the covenant. Blade’s family still survives, and sheltered the party and the Duke’s people over the next two weeks. Every other day, one of the party teleported back to the island with two rings, then returned with another of the survivors. Only five of the Duke’s followers survived out of the hundred rescued from the Elven slave ships. The Duke was granted a fiefdom in his native land of Haram by Emperor Cornelius III, and the five surviving members of the party found their reputations greatly enhanced. Blade vowed to rebuild his family’s fortunes while Letholdus accepted a fiefdom and swore to find his family again. Dwain was given a cavern to mine, and Ranson accepted a position as a professor at the Imperial College. Venlock slipped away in all of this, and returned to a thoroughly disreputable position in the Maze, where he resumed his former hobbies.

The campaign is largely ended, with the party effectively retired. Every five years or so, I’ll offer them a new adventure, as adventures worthy of such heroes do not come along every day. In the meanwhile, the players plan to roll new characters and start again.


About lostdelights

An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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