NAVAH: The Wolves of Winter

A new campaign began today, a hundred miles north of the City of Lions, in the small mining town of Gardell. Wolves had attacked the livestock of the town and killed a small child. The local knight, Lady Inglissh of Teril, hired mercenaries in the City to hunt down the wolves. These included Teegan Woodfolk (a former Infantry soldier of Anthavar), and Dranos Wolfspear (a Far Ranger). At the same time, Para (a Glayv of the Holy Church of Grom) also decided to hunt the wolves. He is a local resident of the village and knows the family of the murdered child well. Together the three ventured north to the Curtain and picked up the trail of the wolves. They were attacked by three of them, and Teegan was badly injured. The wolves were unnatural. One moved with great speed; another had great strength, far beyond the normal. The party killed two and the third escaped. Dranos reasoned that the wolves were chaos-tainted, as he knew of no faeries who displayed the powers shown by the wolves. After Dranos shared his thoughts, Teegan insisted it must be a Gurakali plot. The other two let that drop.

After healing for four days in the village, the party returned to the field, accompanied by another mercenary, this time a mage called Rosdal. They found missing the body of one of the wolves they had caught and skinned. The ties were chewed through. They tracked the wolves to the lair, and noted at least 7 wolves in the cave. With foolhardy eagerness, they entered the cave. They were careless, and were ambushed. They killed two, but Para and Dranos were injured so badly they lost consciousness. Teegan fought on against the three remaining wolves, including the one with great strength, the one that she knew they had skinned. Rosdal Dominated the wolves as best he could, slowing their attacks by breeding dissent. Teegan killed two and wounded the leader, but the leader healed quickly and fled before the end. As he left, he killed the thoroughbred mount of Dranos.

Rosdal healed both of the men with Sorcery, but he could not bring them back to consciousness. Instead, the four holed up in a small side tunnel, with Rosdal and  Teegan taking turns at guard. They waited for the morning, when Rosdal could again attempt to heal their comrades.

About lostdelights

An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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