Skills & Levels in Mutant World

For a PDF of these rules, click here: mutant-world-skills-and-levels-v3

During character development, players choose 1 primary skill, 2 secondary skills, and 5 tertiary skills. The character’s skills will increase with each level. Skills may be selected from the following list:

  1. Animal Husbandry: Allows skillful caring for and training animals, and riding a mount.
  2. Art: Allows skillful and representative drawing, painting, and sculpting.
  3. Botany: Allows identifying plants and analyzing their physical features. Some mental features might also be identified.
  4. Chemistry: Given the proper tools, allows the refining and producing of acids, petroleum products, and some explosives.
  5. Construction: Given the proper tools, allows the building of wood, stone, and concrete objects, locating potential hidden spaces, and analyzing structural integrity.
  6. Electrician: Given the proper tools, allows correct wiring up to TL 7, the repair of solid state electronics, and, at the higher TLs, the ability to analyze board failure and identify the need replacement parts.
  7. Folklore: Includes the identification of fabulous creatures, including demons and ghosts. The stories that surround such creatures may give clues on their powers and weaknesses.
  8. Gymnastics: Allows acrobatics, jumping, balancing, and climbing.
  9. Healing: Given the proper tools, allows the character to heal any other biological party member by 1/4 of their total HP per day. Also allows emergency surgery and first aid on oneself and others. Does not allow the replacement of body parts.
  10. Languages: For each point taken, the character may choose another language. Use of languages is limited by INT.
  11. Marksmanship: Allows the skillful use of ranged weapons, small arms, and long arms, and some heavy weapons.
  12. Mechanic: Allows the repair of mechanical devices, the picking of mechanical locks, machine tooling, and the analysis and use of primarily mechanical items.
  13. Meditation: Allows the character to heal themselves of 1/4 of their total HP per day, survive low temperatures, allow surgery without anesthetic, and reduce hunger. Does not allow the replacement of body parts.
  14. Melee Combat: Allows the skillful use of unarmed combat and melee weapons.
  15. Metalworking: Given the proper tools, allows the refinement, casting, and shaping of metal items.
  16. Music: Allows the reading and playing of music, as well as singing.
  17. Seamanship: Allows the character to captain most sea vessels and perform navigation.
  18. Sense: Allows the character to search, unconsciously notice, and observe using sight, sound, and other natural or heightened senses.
  19. Sleight of Hand: Allows the palming of items, picking of pockets, and the use of misdirection with hand manipulation of objects.
  20. Sneak: Allows hiding, moving silently, and generally being a sneaky bastard.
  21. Speak: Allows oratory, rhetoric, seduction, and fast talk.
  22. Strategy: With adequate preparation, gives the entire party +3 on initiative rolls and “to hit” rolls for a single encounter.
  23. Survival: Allows the character to find or build shelter, find water and edible plants, and hunt small creatures for food.
  24. Swimming: Allows the character to stay afloat, to swim faster or quieter, and to free dive.
  25. Woodworking: Given the proper tools, allows the building and repair of wooden objects.
  26. Zoology: Includes identifying animals (and bugs) and analyzing their physical features. Some mental features might also be identified.

There are other skills, of course, but beginning characters don’t have access to them. They include things like Pilot, Nuclear Engineer, Gravitics, Gunnery (Artillery), etc. These may become available later in play.

To help understand this system, here are four recommended builds:


  1. Mechanic
  2. Electronics
  3. Sense
  4. Metalworking
  5. Meditation
  6. Sneak
  7. Marksmanship
  8. Chemistry


  1. Melee Combat
  2. Marksmanship
  3. Meditation
  4. Sense
  5. Strategy
  6. Ride
  7. Mechanic
  8. Sneak


  1. Marksmanship
  2. Sense
  3. Speak
  4. Sleight of Hand
  5. Healing
  6. Meditation
  7. Strategy
  8. Languages


  1. Marksmanship
  2. Sense
  3. Survival
  4. Melee Combat
  5. Meditation
  6. Sneak
  7. Zoology
  8. Gymnastics


Level Experience Points Primary (1 skill) Secondary (2 skills) Tertiary (5 skills)
1 3,000 3 2 1
2 6,000 4 2 1
3 12,000 5 3 2
4 25,000 6 4 2
5 50,000 7 4 3
6 100,000 8 5 3
7 200,000 9 6 4
8 400,000 10 7 4
9 800,000 11 7 4
10 1,600,000 12 8 5
11 3,200,000 13 9 5
12 6,400,000 14 9 6
13 12,800,000 15 10 6
14 25,600,000 16 11 7
15 51,200,000 17 11 7
16 102,400,000 18 12 8
17 204,800,000 19 13 8
18 409,600,000 20 14 9
19 819,200,000 21 14 9
20 1,638,400,000 22 15 9


Levels are advanced through experience points. Points are received at the end of each day of play based on the difficulty of the party’s achievements, given below. These can be for anything the Referee deems worthy, including military victories, character development, clever play, or use of a skill. The points are listed for each person involved in the victory, but individuals can advance faster than the group if the Referee allows it.

Points Difficulty
50 Easy
100 Moderately difficult
200 Very difficult
300 Almost impossible


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