Mutant World: Zombietown

The players were joined by Shri, a mutated Peregrine Falcon who had runaway from Telph to join them. They tried to send her home, but then continued to explore the town, quickly running into 14 Glowing Zombies. They engaged them, which was a deep mistake. After multiple radiation burns, they fled. Growler and Sheldon headed northwest, Shri and Corrine headed south. Both evaded their slower pursuers, but while Growler and Sheldon found safety to the north, Corinne and Shri continued to flee eastward. Shri reconnoitered and encountered Sheldon in the air. Shri spotted Growler going back into Zombietown and flew down to warn her that the Glowing Ones were searching the area. They rejoined Sheldon, and then headed east and met up with Corinne. Things were going well until 4 Erl found the party and attacked. Already injured, Sheldon jumped into battle, took a great deal of damage and then fled at top speed through the night, smashing into a tree and knocking himself unconscious. Growler transformed into a cat and hid behind a tree while Shri found a high perch and began to prepare for Reflection. Corinne, finding herself outnumbered and alone, fled eastward in the night, pursued by first the Terl and then Growler, after she transformed back and recovered her backpack. Shri flew to Sheldon’s aid, but he would be unconscious for days.

Growler and Corinne fled through the night, and eventually met up in the morning. A Gren visited them, and Growler spoke in Leaf Whispers. The Gren healed Corinne further, and left. The two then lit a bonfire in a clearing in hopes of attracting the others, but a group of Lil complained and they were forced to put it out. They convinced the Lil, through their abject appearance, to search for their friends, and a day later the Lil reported that Shri and Sheldon were to the south. Growler and Corinne headed south, but kept getting turned around and finding themselves back in the same clearing. Eventually they decided to return to Zombietown in hopes of finding their friends.

Meanwhile, Shri had attracted a Buzzer, but in a dogfight managed to take control of the giant wasp. Using it to carry the unconscious Sheldon, she headed east, too far and too fast east, and she found herself at Sweet River again. She turned west once more to Sittard, and then began spiraling out in a search pattern. Eventually the Buzzer was exhausted and crashlanded, breaking its neck, but Sheldon recovered and the two fliers then headed west to Zombietown to wait there.

The party reformed, and searched the houses in the northern part of town. Sheldon insisted on searching a disgusting house filled with human excrement, but in doing so found a hidden bunker below it. The bunker became their base for several days. There was running water, light, power, two beds, and six barrels of preserved food. The former resident had blown his brains out with a .38 revolver, which still worked. That went to Sheldon. The party cleaned the beds and the house above, and re-hid the entrance under a broken couch from next door.

Later they continued searching. They found an organic house with an Electric Zombie within. Sheldon found a bazooka shell and decided to shoot an arrow at it from close range. The resulting explosion tore part of his face off, and though Corinne healed him and nursed him back to health, he dropped 3 Charisma points from the huge scar across his face. Then they found four Fast Zombies, who met a quick end. Shri found herself a sweet ride on one of the Zombies, as it could run as fast she could fly, would not exhaust itself like the Wasp, and could use all manner of weaponry. Finally, a wounded Sheldon decided to punch a Firebelly Arn that was fleeing from another house. He did 3 points damage to it, and it promptly vomited fire on him for 23 points and flew away. Once again the party returned to the bunker and waited for Sheldon to heal.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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