Mutant World: The Death of Sheldon

Sheldon, having recovered from the flechette damage that tore away half of his face and from the Firebelly Arn burns that crisped it again, decided to search a building filled with a green viscous liquid. As he recovered from his new chemical burns (22 hp of damage), he resolved to be more cautious in the future.

Entering an overgrown organic building, the party rescued a general household robot by the name of Glysok 4000, who was ecstatic to once again be serving a living PSH. They of course set her to work cleaning the bunker, and left her to go do more adventuring. Sheldon went first, and encountered 2 Glowing Zombies, and died immediately of radiation burns as his skin boiled away. The rest of the party left him to his fate and hid in the bunker.

The next day, Sheldon’s brother Melvin arrived, and the party broke the unhappy news. Melvin went to recover his brother’s effects, and dropped the fragile building on the zombies within. When they emerged, he was horrified to find Sheldon among them, now a Glowing Zombie himself. Sheldon soared into the air after Melvin, the two circling the town a few hundred feet up. Melvin slowly destroyed his brother using his bow while Corinne took pot shots from the ground. Corinne was so absorbed in this task that she didn’t realize that three Carnel Zombies are sneaking up on her. She unloaded her .45 into them three times as she retreated. Just as she finished, Melvin saw that her gunfire had attracted the 18 Glowing Zombies they had encountered before. Using his Magnetic Control, he whirled her around using her handgun, so she could see them. Corinne ran south away from them, but was not evading them, so Melvin came to carry her away with his Telekinetic Flight. Unfortunately, he was not strong enough to do so, but he did help her take some huge leaps away and eventually they got clear. They spent the night in a tree but then got lost when they tried to find their way back. Meanwhile, Shri and Growler had gone back to the bunker, where Glysock waited in horror for the bear to do her business in the shower. Thankfully, Growler decided to transform into her cat form, so she could use the toilet.

Melvin and Corrine spent the next 8 days trying to find the way home. Melvin then lost Corrine, and the two wandered the wilderness alone for another 4 days until both somehow found their ways home — Melvin to Enom, Corrine to Mourne. Melvin immediately went south again, sure he could find the bunker now, but it took him another 4 days. In the meantime, Corrine convinced Mourne to send a trading party to Sittard, and gain protection for most of her trip back to the bunker.

Once back at the bunker, they finished exploring the town and then gathered their loot and headed back to Mourne. There they were able to get 20,000 cr. in trade for the mini-gun and 5,000 for Glysock, whom they decided to keep. Word also reached them of increased violence by the bears to the north. The party armed up, and Melvin bought 10 .45 automatics, becoming “Ten Gun Melvin.” The most important purchase though was the 10 credit compasses, the maps, and the short range comms that would hopefully prevent them from being lost in the future.


About lostdelights

An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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