MERP: 1st Adventure in Middle Earth

We started a new campaign today in the northern reaches of Gondor, in the March of Maethelburg. Mike was the DM, with a modified MERP rpg system. The characters were Araluth of Rhudaur (Dakin), a ranger; his wife Elentari (Jennifer), also a ranger; Tum Hardfoot (Ryan), a hobbit thief; and Joranilithin of Rivendell (Ben), a half-elven mage. Uniformly down on our luck, we met in the proverbial inn, and offered our services to a drunk farmer who claimed trolls were raiding his land. He offered us 42 s. for the service, and since we had nearly 1 s. among us when we put our coins together, that looked pretty good.

Arriving at his farm, we learned that Rub, his son, had been abducted the night before. There were only a few hours before dusk, but we tracked the troll to a cave in the mountain. A huge rock blocked the entrance, so our efforts at an ambush were delayed. Araluth used Lofty Movement spells to limb-run into position in the trees, while Elentari and Jor climbed trees on the other side of the clearing. Not one, but two trolls emerged (Bert & Ernie of course) and prepared a fire and some mutton before eating the tasty manflesh in the cave, which we assumed was Rub.


Tum snuck into the cave and, after plundering the gold in the chest, found another rock blocking Rub in a small cave. After berating Rub for not freeing himself, Tum left the poor sot to his fate, and emerged from the cave. Rub strained until he actually did free himself, and stumbled afterwards.

Meanwhile, Araluth, Jor, & Elentari ambushed the trolls, doing minor damage. The trolls shook the trees of the three, until Araluth prepared another limb-running spell and drew them away by taunting them from the trees. Jor and Elentari started to land hits on Bert, so he turned back to attack them. Tum decided to climb up Bert’s back, and found himself hanging from Bert’s loincloth, his face in Bert’s crack. Bert didn’t notice. Elentari killed Bert with a well-placed shot, and the troll fell backwards onto Tum, trapping his leg. Ernie heard Bert’s anguish cry and ran up to him. Tum hid deeper in the loincloth, failed, and then ran through Ernie’s legs, escaping. Ernie turned his attention to Elentari, who fell from the tree when he shook it. He then pummeled her mercilessly. Ben snuck down from his tree and tried to keep Rub from coming where the troll could see him. Araluth shot uselessly from the trees until he abandoned his bow and drew sword and shield as he descended to earth. Meanwhile Tum returned and severed the troll’s spine, causing him to fall on Elentari this time. Araluth delivered the coup de grace and rescued his wife.

And there we ended for the night.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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