NAVAH: The Winter Wolves

A new party started in Navah. Ian Fantron (warrior from Gardall) led two mercs from Anthavar — Josette (Spiritologist) and Ignar (burglar) — into the snowy hills to track six wolves that killed a little girl recently. Ian brought 2 guard dogs and a hunting dog. Josette brought a Selkie, a horny demon, and a small fire elemental. On their first foray, they rescued Gurney, the survivor from the previous merc group, who had been hiding in a tree for 2 days. His three comrades (Jerak, Lorosh, and Farttal) had been killed by the wolves, and his stories put fear into the party, and they refused to go out again by themselves. Ragnil (town guard), Brice (Ranger), and Francis (Ranger) went out with them, and set wolf traps with silver tracings around the tree. The wolves chose that moment to attack, and in the battle Brice put one down, Ignar put another down, and Ragnil put down a third. Francis went down with an abdominal wound, and Ian shot into melee, killing the one guard dog that had been attacking the wolves.

The party went to follow the two survivors and found that Ignar’s wolf was gone. They began tracking it, but Ian stayed, convinced by a fumbled roll that the wolves had gone a different way completely. As a result, the three surviving wolves circled back and came after Ian. The other guard dog ran for its life, but the hunting dog tackled one of the wolves and got its leg broken defending his master. Ian proved his worth, and killed three of them. One of them he killed twice, because it got back up and started fighting him. When the rest of the people arrived, he was hacking off its head, just to be sure.

The party returned to town, where the two mercs from Anthavar received 200 s. for their effort and Ian received a pat on the back. He was pissed, and started complaining, a LOT, despite the fact that Ragnil and Brice were giving him big props. He was complaining so much that I made him roll 1d10 when Stanbern came to reward him with a lovely +2 to hit, +1 damage backsword. If he had rolled low, Stanbern would have been offended and not offered the sword, but he rolled high, and got his sword, which made him much sunnier in disposition.

There’s one more winter wolf out there, and the party hopes to kill it before winter festival. Next time.


PS: As a test of the revised Journeyman system, the adventure worked very well. Combat went very fast but each hit still had character and added to the roleplaying, thanks to eliminating hit points and instead using four levels of wounds. Plus it all worked with the existing information both in Combat and in the Foes description. Kudos to MERP for inspiring the changes!


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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