MERP: Still in the Damn Castle

The party is faltering. Jor has been captured. Araluth, Elentari, and Hanrammr are badly wounded and fighting four orcs on the stairs. And Tum is running higher and higher in the tower.

Jor is taken before the goblin chief and questioned, though he gives little of value in response. Tum runs opens the next door, surprising four orcs. He runs through the room and up again, finding himself on the tower’s top. There’s a broken bridge to the next tower, but it’s a 10 foot jump, so the hobbit instead crawls over the lip of the broken bridge and tries to hide under it, out of sight of the pursuing orcs. It’s a desperate plan, and it doesn’t work. He slips, and falls 30 feet onto the roof of the building, which is rotten with age and collapses under him, dropping him another 30 feet to the chieftain’s hall, next to Jor.

The orcs continue beating them and asking questions. Jor insists that there are hundreds of men assaulting the castle. Tum starts shouting, “Tens of Thousands” and won’t stop. Finally the chieftain loses patience. “Toss them in the cells. We’ll give the hobbit to Grond first.”

Meanwhile, the Dunedain and Northman are retreating down the stairs as the orcs score hit after hit. Elentari and Araluth retreat into the room while Hanrammer continues down the stairs, allowing both groups to attack the lead orc. Hanrammer is knocked unconscious, but the others manage to stop the orcs. The door they sealed earlier starts to bang and then buckle, so they retreat. Araluth sends two of the Northmen down to the barrels and instructs them to escape and get help. Elentari tells them how to get into the valley. Yosef (one of the Northmen) stays to help. The Dunedain climb out the window and up to the roof of the balcony, and then haul Hanrammer and Yosef up as the orcs break into the room. The orcs don’t see them and the other two Northmen get away. Once the orcs leave, the party secures themselves on the roof with ropes and rests for six hours, after which they meditate and heal.

They descend when they hear cries of “Grond! Grond!” coming from the ruined cathedral. It seems like a good distraction for their continued search of the castle. They are about to head up the spiral stairs when they hear Jor in the dungeon. They go down and save him, but don’t engage the guards. They then head upstairs, stopping to remove the bar from Grond’s door (again). They know Tum is in the room with Grond, but what they don’t know is that Tum is still alive and hiding in the muck and feces on the ground, trying to stay awya from Grond, who is searching from him. When the door opens, the party runs for the spiral stairs, followed by Tum, covered with muck. They head up again two flights to a door behind which they hear grumbling orcs. Below, there are shouts from orcs and Grond. The party bursts into the room and kills the four orcs, one of whom falls from a window. They open the next door and find the Theyn’s daughter. They bar the door and begin to rappel out the window to the battlements while the orcs advance up the stairs. Twenty-five orcs have died since the party entered the castle.



About lostdelights

An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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