MERP: The Party Escapes

With the goblins pounding on the door (aren’t they always?), the party rappels out the window to the roof below and then down to the parapet. They avoid discovery and enter an arch, go down two levels and enter an unused  passage. At the end they find a secret door leading into an orcish chapel. They wait and heal for several hours, then two goblins investigate the tunnel. Hamrammr, Araluth, and Elentari hide around the edge of the tunnel and attack the orcs as they come into view. They are doing well when Jor decides to throw a lightning bolt into the melee and Tum follows up with a thrown dagger. Here’s Araluth’s reaction, captured by Tum’s phone.

Araluth face palmsAraluth face palmsAraluth face palms

Luckily, neither Tum nor Jor hit the fighters, and the orcs are quickly killed and their bodies hidden. The party enters the chapel and steal the evil magic skull of the orc priest. Assuming it is going to come to life and try to bite them with its jeweled teeth at some point, Araluth puts it in his copper pot, ties it up with his dirty shirt, then puts it in a bag, ties THAT up, and puts it in the bottom of his backpack.

The party then goes up to the parapet, drop into the back courtyard and again go down to the barrel room from the back balcony. Rope has been our most valuable weapon in this adventure. Tum hides below the barrel room, and silently rages as Araluth instead enters the room above him. Araluth finds four orcs inside, two of whom are about to descend to the dock below with a load of barrels. He cuts the rope just as the orcs on the platform come eye to eye with the hobbit. One orc is reduced to a gelatinous mess by the fall; the other swan executes a perfect swan dive into the moat, avoiding injury. Narlag, the orc underneath the platform, is unimpressed and splatters under the weight of the barrels. One of the remaining orcs in the room cuts Araluth twice for 57 hits before Araluth cleaves him down the middle. The second orc attacks, but Araluth and Tum kill him and unsuccessfully try to drop both of them on the orcs below. Araluth and Freya shoot the remaining orcs until the last tries to swim away and is electrocuted by Jor. The party descends, and floats away on the platform, rowing with barrel staves under arrow fire from above. During their time in the castle, 35 orcs died. At the end of the night, it is remembered that one of the three Northmen stayed with them to help, but everyone forgot him. The GM decides that he left with the other two earlier. The Theyn and some of his men may have been sold to Ughluk, so there is a chance they might yet be saved. The party still has to escape the dark valley.


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