MERP: An Adventurer’s Pack & Kit (Equipment)

As an aid to others building their ranger kit in MERP, and perhaps for others building kits in other games, Araluth offers the following list. First, his clothing. Clothing, weapons, and armor do not count against encumbrance in MERP, if worn. They do, however, impact one’s Perception and Maneuver Movement skills:

Item Weight (lbs.) Encumbrance (lbs.)
High leather boots 2.5 0
Hooded cloak 1 0
Pants 1 0
Shirt 0 0
Tunic 0.5 0
Total 5 0

Then there is the rest of his standard load, which he carries whenever traveling or adventuring.

Item Weight (lbs.) Encumbrance (lbs.)
Dagger in belt sheath 1 0
2 quivers, 40 arrows total, 2 extra bow strings sealed in wax paper 4 0
Belt pouch (salt) 0 0
Belt pouch (star compass, coins wrapped in small cloth) 0.5 0.5
Belt pouch (flint & steel, w. tinder, housewife) 0.5 0.5
Long bow 3 0
Longsword 4 0
Scabbard 1 0
Waterskin 0 0
Weapon belt 1 0
Large wooden spoon 0 0
Total 15 1

While his traveling coins are in a belt pouch (wrapped to prevent clinking), he often has items sewn into the waist of his trousers. Right now, that is 2 emeralds and 5 rubies that were plucked from the head of an evil magical skull, which the party then crushed into dust and dropped into the Sorros.

Some of you are probably mystified by the Housewife in his belt pouch. It is a small sewing kit, as small as Araluth can make it.

Then there is his armor. Araluth does some channeling magic, so he typically wears rigid leather (no minuses on his casting ability). His standard armor is:

Item Weight (lbs.) Encumbrance (lbs.)
Rigid Leather armor 14 0
Kite shield 10 0
Total 24 0

So that is his standard load when scouting. Only 1 point of Encumbrance so far. He has another suit of armor (full chain armor), but keeps it on the mule usually. He unwraps it only when there is need, and then he wears it instead of the rigid leather. It doesn’t add to his Encumbrance but it has a huge impact on his spell casting ability. The rigid leather (and other stores) are usually hidden and cached when he goes delving.

Next is his pack. He uses a pack and frame, which he will carry if necessary but which will be loaded onto the mule otherwise. There are two parts to the pack. The first is his camp gear, which is in a backpack at the top half of the pack:

Item Weight (lbs.)
10 wooden stakes 2
3 extra shirts wrapped around the oil flasks 0
Bedroll 5
Cooking pot 1
Oil Flasks (5) – 12 hours light for each 3
Tarp cover 4
Bullseye lantern 2
Total 17

At the bottom half of the frame is his climbing gear. This is pretty heavy.

Item Weight (lbs.)
Carabiners & climbing gear 2
Crowbar 5.5
Flat hammer 3
Grapnel (Grappling Hook) 2
Metal pitons (climbing) 3
Rope (superior) 150′ 9
Total 24.5

The pack and frame can hold 45 lbs, and the knapsack can hold 20 lbs., so keeping the knapsack at the top of his frame means he can pull it off easily if needed, and also that he can drop the whole frame (camp and climbing gear together) if he needs to fight. And if he wants to take just his backpack and keep his Encumbrance under 15 lbs. (no minuses), he can jam one of the 2 wool blankets that make up his bedroll into the frame and again be under 15 lbs.

Finally there is the mule. He can carry 250 lbs. and normally his load is:

Item Weight (lbs.)
Trail rations (8 weeks) 112
Water keg (can fill 20 waterskins) 20
Camp & climbing gear, in pack frame 44.5
Chain armor (when not worn) 20
Total 196.5

And of course, there’s always room for a bottle of Anduin wine or two, if desired.

So that’s it, at least for mountainous delving where Araluth rides another mule as well. In open territory, he would ride a horse, and then he would keep his camp gear in his saddle bags, so he always has that with him.

Hope this was helpful to you!


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