MERP: Meeting with Rinis

Araluth gave a rousing description of deeds of glory that awaited the party at Goblin’s Gate, and convinced Bregor, a Highlander scout for the tower, to accompany them. Araluth, Elentari, Jor, Hammrammr, Bregor, and Morwen left the next day, leading a mule train loaded with trail rations and water kegs. On the third day, they met the wine merchant returning from Moher. After a hearty shared lunch (and shared ale), the party continued on to Moher, where Araluth convinced an incredulous crowd that they did actually intend to dare Goblin’s Gate to free Thane Osric (Thane of Moher). Braul, the acting Thane, was relieved to hear that Freya had been freed and was heading to Maethelburg, but could give the party no aid aside from promising to not attack the Hillmen until the party returned. He did prepare a wonderful feast for the party that evening. The party learned that Gellen, a silk merchant, had come safely through the pass a week ago on his way to Maethelburg. Araluth suspected that Gellen might be in league with the orcs and expected to hear more about him when they returned. In the meantime, Jor exchanged herb lore with the wise women of the town. One of the wise women gave the party four doses of Arlen (heals 4-9 hits) and two doses of Mireana (heals 10 hits). The party also recruited an elvish rogue by the name of Leosil Lorndor, who apparently had “found” Tum’s lost dagger of returning.

The party continued on to Dulin, the hamlet of the Hillmen, where they hoped to meet Rinis. Rinis had escaped from the mines of Goblin’s Gate five years before, and they hoped he could help them enter secretly. On the way to Dulin, the party heard an approaching war party of Hillmen, and got off the road and hid just in time. The Hillmen passed on, and the party continued to Dulin, where Morwen convinced the Hillmen who they were, and Araluth convinced the leader that they were serious. They met Rinis, who told them of a secret cleft from which issued a stream, a cleft that would lead them into Goblin’s Gate secretly. Rinis’s son Rennel agreed to guide them to the cleft (2 days away) in exchange for two of the party’s mules. The party then sold the remaining six mules and 16 weeks of trail rations for a total of 5 gold pieces. Each of the party received one. Morwen overheard some of the Hillmen talking about raiding the Highlanders, so she left the party to travel to the various Hillmen settlements and convince them not to make matters worse.

The party went into the mountains, led by Rennel. On their last night, they were attacked by six wargs. Since there was no fire, Jor cast a light spell on a rock in the center of camp, so the party could see. Leosil fatally wounded one wolf with his dagger from an eyrie in a tree. Araluth drove another away. Hammrammr & Jor defeated another. Rennel took a great deal of damage but Araluth came to his aid and Elentari came to Bregor’s, and the party drove off the remaining wolves. And there ended the night.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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