MERP: From the Frying Pan…

The party was divided. Jor and Leosil rolled down the tracks in a mine cart, closely pursued by one of the lizards. Leosil threw his dagger and Jor cast Light, but they could not stop it. They did make it stumble and fall across a lever, switching the tracks behind them but it was not until they rocketed over a chasm that a broken bridge left the monster with no hope of capturing them. They slowed the cart and came to rest against a wall of timbers blocking their advance. Through the timbers they saw another huge cavern lit by fluorescent fungi, this one with many goblins whipping and beating human miners. Two of the goblins were coming towards the timbers. The mage and rogue prepared to shoot the goblins through the gaps in the timbers and when one goblin peeked through, they let both of the goblins have it. One took an arrow in the gut, and staggered back. The other was surprised and stunned, but only took a flesh wound to the face. Their second round of fire put both of the goblins down, and miraculously, they were not observed. The elves then removed one timber so they could crawl out and drag the bodies back, hoping to disguise themselves. Jor got his back to safety but Leosil was spotted. Desperately, he raised the unconscious goblin’s head and wave his arm. “It’s okay guys,” he shouted, “I’ve got them under control. I’m just going to go get the other one.” All eyes in the cavern were now on him, and the whipping and joyous orc song stopped as they watched Leosil drop the meat puppet’s head and crawl away through the timbers. The goblins charged the timbers, but Jor cast a Fireball and wounded some. Then the elves set fire to the timbers and waited with bows drawn. The goblins attacked en masse and the elves fled down the tunnel again. Leosil was pulled down by a number of yellow hands, and disarmed. Jor stopped in mid-flight and pretended to be throwing a Lightning Bolt, but failed miserably. Leosil claimed that his dagger would explode if not given back, but the goblines were having none of that. Both were taken, disarmed, and thrown before the Goblin King, who interrogated them as to how they got into his tunnels. Leosil claimed ignorance and Jor claimed drunkenness, and they were tossed summarily into the pits to be tortured later.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party had reached the overlook and were preparing to fight off the assault. Elentari healed some of Hammrammr’s injuries while Bregor and Araluth fired arrows into the two lizards that remained. The injured lizard moved away to the edge of the cave and began honking for its brethren. The other lizard scampered up the ramp to attack them hand-to-hand, where he was met by Araluth and Hammrammr. After several rounds, they had weakened him enough that he fell, just as a host of lizards were heard approaching from the tunnel opposite. The party hung from the cliff’s edge and dropped ten feet to the floor, then ran to the same track that Jor and Leosil had used, and put a tipped over cart on the tracks. Two more lizards entered the cave and charged. After the others got in, Araluth pushed it downwards and then was dragged into the cart. They rushed downward pursued by two lizards. Araluth shone light into their eyes, and Hammrammr threw a Molotov cocktail, but the lizards pursued.

The plan had been to follow Jor and Leosil, but since the track had been switched, the party found itself instead slowing on a rusting iron bridge. One of the support chains broke, and the bridge twisted. They grabbed what they could and began climbing. One of the lizards jumped after them, making that side of the bridge collapse under the weight. Elentari reached the top first, followed by Araluth several rounds later. Hammrammr was at the bottom, kicking the lizard below him, but lost his balance. Bregor caught him with his free hand. Then Hammrammr was climbing and Bregor fell below him, landing on the monster’s back and desperate trying to jam his thumb into its eyes.  Hammrammr reached the top and seeing the scout in trouble, tied a rope around himself. The rangers held the rope while Hammrammr swung heroically downwards, reaching for Bregor. He missed by ten feet, but on his return swing, the rangers pulled him upwards and he was able to snatch Bregor to safety. On their third swing, Bregor kicked the monster in the head, and then they were hauled quickly to the top. The lizard renewed its climbing, and the party smashed away the remaining supports on the bridge, then watched the creature and bridge fall into the chasm. Return that way would be… difficult.

Safe, the four healed and rested for six hours. Araluth put on his chain armor. Elentari healed most of their wounds. She thought she heard goblin’s cries and screaming that sounded like Jor, but the rest of the group slept blissfully on.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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