NAVAH: Treasure Trove

The party struck it rich. They had found ancient gold coins, gold necklaces, jade ornaments, rubies, and diamonds. On the Seveysas Queen’s guards, they found jade ear plugs and gold-covered battle masks. In Anthavar, the Emperor demands half of all such found treasures under the law of Treasure Trove. Usually, players ignore that law, but the party decided to follow it. And probably made their lives a whole lot easier while making about the same amount.

The party first celebrated Carnival with the people of Gardell. Ian received a gift of a forever torch from his mentor, and spent the week with Imani, the dim but beautiful carpenter who loves him. Alexios, having failed to pickpocket the locals of anything valuable, spent some quality time with several impressionable teen girls. Brandon did likewise with a stout guardswoman. Josette guarded the gold, but not without some local kids getting into it and messing around with the gold masks, which let the cat out of the bag.

The party took passage on a flatboat going down the Black River to the City of Lions, and once there, reported their find (minus the untraceable rubies and diamonds) to the guards, who then escorted them to the College of Wizardry at the Palace. Custanc Howom, a professor of Spiritology, verified that the skins were Seveysas, not Gelmer, and ensured that the players were paid their half of the value of the trove immediately. Custanc then hurried away with his horde, having ensorcelled the guards and wiping their memories of the event. The party went away happy, all unknowing.

Josette bought some spell focusing crystals, +1 plate armor, and other items. Ian likewise bought +1 plate and had his sword inscribed with silver. Alexios bought a +1 shortsword with silver engraving, and ordered a +1 backsword to match, and then he and Brendan went in the Maze to see his fence, Derrick.

Brendan and Alexios were trailed rather obviously by six footpads, whom they gave the slip by going into the Jeweled Mug Tavern. Inside, three operators from the Broken Branch gang tried to provoke a fight so their pickpocket would have a chance on the two men, but Brendan and Alexios avoided a fight and backed out of the inn instead. Outside, the six footpads spotted them again and gave chase, and the two men were forced to hop a fence and squeeze through a thin alley to escape. Along the way, an assassin team made the first of several fumbled attempts on the pair and killed an innocent bystander with a poison dart.

Brendan & Alexios made it to Derrick’s shop and purchased a mithril lockpick set and a bottle of Elvish healing unguent (both illegal). Alexios hoped that Derrick might have some Boots of Silence at a reduced price (i.e. stolen), but he did not. Instead, Derrick sent them on to speak with Rametta Walshe (the head of their gang) herself.

On their way, the two men encountered a black marketer selling an air dagger for a ridiculously low price. Brendan purchased it, whereupon the seller unwisely ran down the street yelling, “I just made a thousand shillings!” He did not survive the night.

Turning down an alley, the two men encountered two dead bravos who had just knifed each other. Not realizing that they had been the targets, Brendan and Alexios stole coins and swords from the dead men and moved on.

Next, they spoke to Rametta, but Brendan made the error of being overly informal with the gang lord, and she had him taken outside. Alexios made the correct hand signals to prove himself a member of her gang, but Rametta also had no Boots of Silence to sell. Alexios managed to annoy her as well, and mentioned that Derrick had sent them, of which Rametta took ominous note. Both men were hustled into the street and told not to return. They next went back to Derrick and warned him that Rametta’s men might be paying a call on him. Derrick promptly skipped town for a while.

In the end, Alexios purchased the boots through legal means at one of the city’s covenants.

Adventures occur every 2-5 years, so the Referee announced that the party’s next adventure would be two years later. At the next game the party will get two years of training and subadventures, including perhaps a second-story job or two, since Alexios mentioned that’s how he was spending those years.


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