NAVAH: The Forgotten Sodality of the Old Ones

The party found Garryan with the Outsiders, and Brendan convinced him to accompany them to rescue baby Bailey. The Glorious Guard had located the baby and their mage Endoran had hidden him in a Shaped cavern very near the crib from which they had stolen him. They told the party that the only other things they could tell them was that the entrance to the Red Elf’s lair was a secret door in his stall in the Downmarket, and that the lair was below Cramoisi and the Downlow itself.

Alexios found the secret door and easily opened it. The party descended but the first room frightened them. It was filled with stone poukas of Old Ones whom the earth elemental told them were stone but also alive. Expecting them to attack at any moment, the party moved forward. Eventually they found themselves in a large hallway and turning a corner, Brendan found himself face to face with a Slarg (an enormous demon). Brendan tried fruitlessly to parry the Slarg’s thick and immensely strong clawed arm, which then snipped him nearly in half, crushing his plate armor as well. Brendan collapsed with a grim wound (worth 3 major wounds). Alexios tumbled to his side to help, while Ian attacked the monster itself. He struck it with what would have been a terrible blow to a human, but which to the Slarg was only a minor wound. Thankfully, Josette was able to Banish the creature, else it would have slain them all. Ian did some rough surgery on the archer, putting his organs and intestines back inside of him and sewing him shut. Josette cast Sorcery successfully, healing 1 major wound, and then applied an Elfin healing unguent, healing another. Brendan was still suffering the effects of 1 major wound, but he was well enough to cast Body Control and slow his bleeding. Josette lifted his legs and her earth elemental lifted his upper body, and they carried him after the rest of the party, which insisted on continuing their search for Bailey. They thankfully found nothing but an alchemy lab and supply rooms, where they spent several hours eating and resting. The next day, Josette healed the rest of Brendan’s wounds.

The very next room, while they talked with Pongnam the living +2 helmet, they were attacked by another demon, this time by an old man with blades instead of arms (a Slinderjaard). Brendan took some minor damage, but he and Ian put down the demon with a cut across the belly and then a coup de grace. Brendan made friends with Pongnam, who admired Brendan’s hat. Brendan gave Pongnam permission to wear the hat, while Brendan wore Pongnam. Alexios again made futile efforts to keep the party quiet so he could scout ahead, so Brendan and Pongnam took to whispering among themselves about him.

This brought the party to the bedroom of the Red Elf, whom they knew as Loren Leafrustle (not his real name). They began to explore the room, not knowing that the Elf had successfully cast Glamour on all of them and made himself invisible. When he began to attack Josette, only the Selkie, Josette, and Pongnam saw Josette being attacked, and even they did not see the Elf himself. Josette felt the attacks and recognized that the Elf was using a flaming blade on her, though she could not see it. Josette and the Selkie fled, and eventually escaped. Alexios eventually noticed the attacks, and tried to fight the invisible Elf. Brendan saw nothing, but Pongnam told him of Josette’s difficulty, and he tried to snap Ian (their best fighter) out of his daze. He failed, even after punching Ian full in the face and giving him a nose bleed. Ian was still enthralled, and kept searching for Bailey. Both Alexios (at -4 to hit) and Brendan (at -8 to hit) slashed the air hoping to hit the Elf, so the Red Elf fled the room. Josette had returned by this time, and ordered the fire elemental to burn the area in front of her, hoping to hit the Elf. Instead, she unknowingly hit Alexios, whose legs was burnt to a crisp by the time the party came out of their ensorcelment and Josette called off the elemental. Josette cured 1 of his major wounds with Sorcery, but he had to wait another day for her to heal the 2nd major wound. In the meantime, the Glorious Guard found the party and delivered Bailey to them. Surprisingly, the Selkie was able to nurse Bailey, who was very hungry and needed a change. Alexios tried to pick the lock in the Elf’s bedroom, but failed miserably, and refused to let Brendan use his mithril lockpicks in his own attempt, so Josette Shaped the chest open, and they found emeralds, rubies, and diamonds worth over 5,000 s.

The evening ended with a door and a passage unexplored, and the party split on what they should do next.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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