NAVAH: An Unwanted Pregnancy

The party decided to exit the Red Elf’s lair, but when they came to the room of the ancient pouka statues, Alexios spotted a bubbling black ooze (a Jaldak) come straight for him. He slammed the door on it, trapping Josette’s fire elemental on the other side. Its last commands had been to return to Josette, so it began to burn through the door. On the other side, the party was plunged into darkness; the fire elemental had been their only light source. Alexios flung open the door, trapping the fire elemental between door and wall. The Jaldak extruded three black tentacles that whipped Alexios’s left lower leg. It did only minor damage to his leg, and then to his chest as the party retreated. Josette called for the fire elemental to burn the ooze, and it tried to do so but failed. The party ran headlong down the way they had come. No-one smashed into the corner as they took the turn into the hallway, but Brendan, Ian, and Alexios all smashed into the wall at the t-intersection and piled up one on another. No one was badly hurt. Josette called for the fire elemental to return, and they once again had light. They continued fleeing down the hallway, as the Jaldak was moving slowly. Now that she could see it, Josette banished the demon.

Alexios cast Body Control to heal his minor wounds, but fumbled and fell unconscious for 56 hours. Nothing could wake him, not Josette’s Sorcery, Brendan’s shouting, or Ian’s rough shaking, though Ian was pretty sure he heard something pop in the vicinity of Alexios’s neck the last time he tried.

The party now decided to explore the areas they had not seen already. They came to the door of a prison cell, in which was a gorgeous green-skinned woman. “Help me,” she cried, explaining that she was Lithoniel, a Green Elf ranger captured by Menaithelen (the Red Elf) during a scouting mission. The party debated, with Ian, Brendan, and Alexios agreeing it was a trap before releasing her. She proved very thankful, and lavished her attentions on Ian. Ian resisted her advances; he was already going out with his Seeress. As they continued to adventure, she made her charms apparent, jiggling as she ran and bending over in provocative ways when asked to help search for traps. Ian continued to resist, but Brendan started to weaken. Alexios was still unconscious, and was carried by the earth elemental and Brendan.

The other rooms were largely empty. They found a summoning chamber and Josette destroyed the pentacle with Shaping. They found a ruined bedroom, and they found another cell, this time with Bubbles the Monaciello. Menaithelen had not appreciated Bubbles leading the party to him, and showed this by cutting parts of Bubbles off. The fingers of his left hand, the toes of his right foot, his left eye, and several teeth were missing. Ultimately the party took pity on Bubbles and freed him. In return, Bubbles promised to guide them to others involved in the Dreamwax trade.

They exited the secret hatch in the Downmarket like clowns getting out of a car. Four humans in animal masks, a cat pouka,a Selkie breastfeeding a human baby, a crippled Monaciello, a gorgeous and nearly naked Green Elf, a fire elemental, and an earth elemental. It was quite the procession, and yet the guards did not notice them. For once the dice were in the party’s favor. Brendan took the opportunity to buy a set of mithril lockpicks, returning Alexios’s to his still-conscious body. Ian bought clothes for both the Monaciello and Lithoniel.

They then headed for the Downlow, where they were spotted by the guards. Brendan tried a humorous but ill-advised misdirection (“look! what’s that over there?!”) which fooled no-one, and the rest of the party disappeared down nearby alleys while the centaur tried to kill Brendan. Brendan escaped and the party returned to Auntie Pig’s place, except for Bubbles and Garryan, who had both taken the opportunity to skedaddle.

Eight hours later, it became apparent that Lithoniel was most appreciative of aid and that Ian had not been able to resist any longer. Auntie didn’t notice, and the party went to the Lost to prepare for the return to Anthavar. Ian and Brendan then went to the Outsiders to retrieve Garryan, while the others stayed with the Lost. When they returned, Ian noted that Lithoniel had been very appreciative, and so were about six of the Lost. He was not surprised.

The party returned home safely, Alexios still unconscious. A Healer’s Restoration revived him. Before returning Bailey, Ian found his old Sergeant and got him to apologize. Then Ian found the parents of two of the Lost. One was wealthy and paid a large reward. Another of the Lost proved to be Gerald, a stolen baby from thousands of years ago, and the subject of an ancient folktale about such thefts. Apparently, time passes strangely in Faerie.

They learned that Rametta Walshe was dead. She had been assassinated in a very secure prison. The legendary assassin had done his job, and the Walshe gang was now down to four people. The party learned later that Edolina Waller was dead as well, but Waller gang simply found new leadership and moved on.

Finally, Ian began gaining weight inexplicably, and discovered that he was six months pregnant. He was not pleased. Going to the Imperial College of Wizardry, they consulted with the wizards (50 s. consultancy fee) and learned that likely Lithoniel had been a Succubus, and that Ian would give birth to a demon child. Ian refused, and had Waverick the Vivisectionist cut him open like a fish and take them out. Waverick administered a sedative (moonshine) and did as he was told (at a cost of 700 s.!), but he only managed to kill one of the five bat-winged demon children in Ian; the rest escaped. He sewed the warrior up and Restored him, leaving an enormous scar up Ian’s stomach. To make matters worse, Ian’s Seeress did not believe that he had done all of this against his will, and broke up with him. None of the Lost suffered a pregnancy; Ian had fumbled an important roll but the rest had made theirs.

On the positive side, the rest of the Lost are now linked to the party. Alexios took six and began his own gang. He didn’t have a high enough Reputation yet to gather the surviving members of the Walshe gang. Ian took ten and began to mold them into a fighting unit. Brendan went hunting with six, and Josette began to teach two of them the basic elements of magic.


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