MERP: Zombies on the Sea of Rhun

The rest of the night was relatively unpleasant. Feldeneith demonstrated that the silver that Capt. Barlen had paid them was silver coated lead.

They held off on dealing with the Captain while Drogo led the interrogation of the prisoners. They began with pregnant woman. She was at first reticient, but since Drogo believed her to be an evil shapechanger and the other wished to kill her outright, she began to speak. It was not quick enough for Drogo, however, so he cut off her pinkie toe, something he hated to do but largely unavoidable. She claimed the mage was behind it all, and that he had cast an illusion over various parts of the ship to hide his involvement. She claimed that she had fought the children of the long night and being wounded, was forced to move her spirit to the preserved body of a pregnant woman that Lorfalmas had brought aboard in one of her trunks. She claimed that Lorfalmas was evil, and was aboard to buy the location of a palantir from Redmane, just as she was. Lorfalmas had more money and was evil, so Lomeilinde had killed her.

They then interrogated Redmane, and he admitted bringing the Children of the Night (to which he belonged) onto the ship to kill Lorfalmas but that it had all gone wrong when Lomeilinde fought them and killed his men. He said that only he knew where the palantir was, and that if the party let him live and gave him half of Lorfalmas’s money, he would show them. The party then knocked him unconscious.

They gave Barlen a choice, either go for a very long swim with a great number of weights, or sign a compact that split ownership of the ship between the six survivors. Barlen kept a share, and signed.

Feldeneith and Delcaranan went downstairs to check Lomeilinde’s stories, and indeed found a much different scene than before. Feldeneith took the time to rob the various dead bodies, gave a small portion to Delcaranan, and told him to keep it a secret.

Meanwhile, on the main deck, Drogo told Grafalig to knock Lomeilinde unconscious as well, to make sure any illusions she might have cast would also fail. No change took place, corroborating her story, but the dead below came back to life and attacked Feldeneith and Delcaranan. Grafalig went below to help them, as did Elias. Drogo stayed up top to guard the prisoners and Barlen. He would be little good below anyways, so he simply prepared a Teleport spell in case Barlen or a zombie attacked. He would try to teleport them out to sea.

Below decks, Feldeneith and Grafalig made short work of the zombies. Elias had a harder time, but Delcaranan aided by hurling lightning bolts. Eventually they finished them off, decapitated them, and tossed the bodies into the sea.

When they came up, Delcaranan told the others of Feldeneith’s thievery, and the rogue was forced to split the take evenly.

They then resumed interrogation of the prisoners. The enemy captain and the captured Child of the Night quickly demonstrated their guilt, as did Grimwasa the cook. Redmane shared more information, and then all were stripped and gagged. Lomeilinde was questioned again and told her full story, and the party elected to throw the four men into the sea (which they did), and then kept Lomeilinde alive, largely because the body she was in was pregnant, and they did not want to kill an innocent baby, if it was actually innocent. She was 7 months pregnant, so it would not be long until the child was born. Until then, the supply hold was transformed into a prison. She was chained to the wall and locked in. The party then swabbed the bloody decks.

They found the money that Lorfalmas brought aboard, and there was a great deal of it. Each party member (and the Captain and Elias) received 1,151 sp & 63 cp. They then went ashore and Drogo sought out the men whom Captain Barlen had swindled in the past, giving all of them (and probably some who had never sailed with the Captain) 20 s. each, the pay for a complete circuit of the Sea of Rhun. Drogo spent 580 sp. in this way, and was pleased when Grafalig gave him 650 sp. of her money and Delcarnanan gave him 180 sp. of his. That brought Drogo back to 1,315 sp., 63 cp; more than he had started with. He plans in the next game to pay for plate mail for Drafalig, which should cost 1309 sp. After all, it was Drogo who stole money from Drafalig before the campaign began, and he felt he needed to repay her. Meantime, Feldeneith went to talk to members of the Syndicate. The party hoped to recruit sailors from the Syndicate and from the sailors who had been reimbursed by Drogo, and continue their journey. Capt. Barlen, it seemed, had fallen again into his old bad habits and was gambling away his share of the take.

Drogo still believes it likely that Lomeilinde’s story was false; that she was an evil shapechanger who simply bought two more months of life by faking pregnancy. But perhaps she was telling the truth. Perhaps she might be of use later, if they paid her enough. Time will tell.


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