MERP: Drogo the Impaler

We began the day buying plate mail for Grafarlig and then interviewing new crew members. We hired the five Mendocian Siblings for 140 s. (40 s. for Galen, 25 s. each for the others). Dyra, the daughter of Viln, joined as cook. She was an old hobbit friend from Shardroot, and a good fighter, but a lousy cook. Marty, son of Marty, joined for 20 s. Wuldar Shargonen joined for 30 s. and became Second Mate. He is a fierce plainsman who hates Easterlings. Venn from Shrel-kain joined for 37 s., and became First Mate, having travelled around the Sea of Rhun seventeen times.

Captain Barlen didn’t show up, so Drogo took the captaincy. We then took stock of the cargo. There was:

  • 500 bottles of fine Dorwinian Wine
  • 5 crates of silks
  • 3 crates of spices and teas

There was also a +10 magic Blackthorn staff, which Drogo was allowed to use. We then set up a two section dogged watch.

First watch:

  1. Wuldar, Second Mate
  2. Galen
  3. Oren
  4. Elias
  5. Marty
  6. Grafarlig

Second watch:

  1. Venn, First Mate
  2. Elena
  3. Feldenaith
  4. Delcaran
  5. Del
  6. Chel

Drogo and Dyra do not follow the watch system. Drogo is on duty all the time, but sleeps when he is not plotting a course. Likewise, Dyra cooks for both watches.

In the Captain’s Quarters, we found some papers jammed between the wall and the desk. The scribblings read, “where is it?”, “it must be there”, “the red wine”, and “Mayzri.” Undoubtedly the notes referred to the location of the lost palantir, so Drogo memorized them and then burned them, telling the others that he had stored them in his scroll case.

That evening, two sea crocodiles crawled up the hull and onto the deck. Galen nearly had his entire face torn off. Elias shot the one at the aft through the forearm, while Drogo levitated it slowly into the air. Drogo eventually impaled the aft crocodile on the mast, and then dropped it into the sea, where it would later be retrieved for the hide, teeth, and meat.

At the bow, Decarnan and the rest stunned the creature with lightning and axe. Grafarlig sliced open its throat, stunning it further, and everyone then stabbed at it and opened its abdomen. Delcarnan tried another lighting bolt, but instead electrocuted himself. Still, the crocodile was killed.

Dyra attempted to cook meat but ended up with a chewy if edible concoction tht pleased no one, although Drogo insisted he liked his crocodile chewy.

When we arrived at Lest, we sold some of our cargo, and made 1343 s. and 12 coppers each for Delcarnan, Drogo, Grafarlig, Elias, and Feldenaith.

Delcarnan and Drogo met Oldar, a ranger, who told them that Captain Barlen was dead. He had been drained of blood and sent to the bottom with a pair of concrete overshoes. Oldar asked them about their boat and what treasure it hid. Delcarnan remained suspicious throughout, but neither Delcarnan nor Drogo revealed mention of a palantir.

Meanwhile the Cult of the Long Night was attacking the ship, very ineffectively. Elias shot several, and Grafarlig ws a killing machine. She chopped in the leg and kicked him off the ship, then chopped off the top of another’s skull. Wuldar chopped off one’s arm and then Oldar followed by the mages came to the ship, attracted by the sounds of battle.

Delcarnan electrocutes one, Grafarlig kills another, and Drogo teleports two of them 100 feet over the dock. After the battle, Oldar knocks one unconscious with a punch to the fact, and Drogo surreptiously teleports that one out to sea. Blup!

Lomeilinde escaped Del and Chel, singing a beautiful song that charmed Chel. Oldar claims that she is a Siren, a young elf. He suspects a dangerous artifact is at the bottom of all of this activity, as the Syndicate, the Siren, and the Cultists are all interested in it. He also mentions that the party should talk to Logoth of Mistrand, who is a scholar who knows of such things.

In a happy and rather bizarre circumstance, it turns out that both Drogo and Oldar can talk to birds, so they set up a communication system using a thrush. Delcarnan remains convinced that Oldare set them up, but Drogo doesn’t believe. Grafarlig does not let Drogo put up four metal spears on the aft deck, as she wants no more impalings on the ship.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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