Savage Worlds Greyhawk: Holy Water & Ghouls

Having defeated the gnolls and recaptured the arms, the party headed for Tarilen in
Furyondy. They hauled the cart with a damaged horse. Kaelix tried to scout, but got lost,
so Dathgar led. On the third day, there was a gentle rain and a village loomed in the mist. The party heard a funeral dirge in the distance. A stone wall surrounded a cemetery, with a hundred people in attendance. A plain young peasant woman lay in the coffin. There were runes on the coffin, and the priest of Pelor blessed the coffin and asked for protection from the darkness. Two men then put a stake in her heart, cut off her head, and buried the body.

Ted went to speak with Father Galamar. Turim was the former priest, who was buried and then dug up (as have been many others). A stranger visited him and stayed overnight. Since then several graves have been opened and the bodies taken. The stranger traded his horse for Father Turim’s and then departed. The new horse died of lung rot. Father Galamar gave Ted some holy water, but since Pirillin suspected the priest, Ted tasted the water and confirmed it was holy indeed.

The party then went to the Gentle Rain Tavern, where they talked with the innkeeper, Nilik. Kaelix overheard the people in the tavern talking about how this all started two months ago, but then went and tucked the horse and cart away in the stable. He hid in the rafters guarding them, and was promptly forgotten about by the party for the night.

Nilik explained that the strangers was a demon sorceror in a cloak black as the night. He never revealed his face but he could make a bag of coins appear and disappear at will. He had some cider and food, which the serving girl Moiena took up to his room. Four hours later, he bought Father Turim’s horse and left town. A group of adventurers came through town and promised to help, including a big fighter human named Walgas ( he talked to the pot boy Cragus for a long time), Iami the halfling, Vortak the dwarf, and Kayim, a female human wizard. They went to the graveyard to investigate and never came out again. The girl in the coffin today was bit by a wild dog and died two days later.

Pirillin detected arcana on the room and found faint traces of some magic in the last
month, more recently than the two months since the stranger has been there. It was nearly a full moon. Serving girl Moeina said we could get wolfsbane from Garick the woodsman. She took the party to a small building on the edge of town, just south of the cemetery.  Garick is a young man in his mid twenties. There’s a few fresh nicks on his face, as if from shaving, so Ted surreptiously turned his shaving water into holy water, just in case. Garick said he had found Kayim dead after the first party went to the cemetery. She got caught in his coyote trap while running from something and broke her neck. Garick and Galamar burnt the body.

With Kaelix in the stables guarding the cart, the rest of the party went back to talk to the priest, who said that many had been dug up. From there they went to the cemetery and entered the crypt of Hagron, a famous paladin who had fought in the Greyhawk Wars. There were scratch marks on the sarcophagus and opened it, revealing a wooden ladder leading down. Ted stayed above to guard. Dathgar, Gertie, and Pirillin put wolvesbane potion on their blades and descended.

There was a set of double doors and a pile of loot from the previous party, including the axe of Hagron (+1 to hit, +1 damage, with silver and cold iron abilities), which went to Gertie. Dathgar unlocked the double doors revealing a long narrow room, where Gertie found a secret door, allowing the party to bypass a number of traps. The three entered a circular room with nine coffins. The one in the center was fancy sarcophagus, open-lidded, with an embalmed body in it wearing an amulet. The party was drawn to the amulet. The body was that of Jillameg, a hero who died in battle. Detecting Arcana, Pirillin felt that the amulet would protect with a sort of armor (Amulet of Protection). They left it for a time. Pirillin then continued his magical probling and found that five of the coffins had sources of negative energy in them. As Gertie and Pirillin discussed their options, they were attacked by five ghouls. Gertie taunted two of the ghouls into temporary paralysis. Two of the remaining attacked Pirillin and one attacked Gertie. Pirillin killed one ghoul with a fire bolt and wounded another. Dathgar’s bowstring broke and called for Ted. Gertie killed hers with an axe and Pirillin vaporized another. Dathgar drew his sword and killed one of the two remaining ghouls. Ted and Pirillin then anointed their fists with holy water and charged the final ghoul, Pirillin slaying it with a flying punch. Afterwards they found treasure including five canteens with special abilities. The amulet proved to not be magical after all, but was simply a trap to awaken the ghouls. Searching the rest of the area, they found three skeletons (dead, not undead), a secret message (“beware the vault”), and another ghoul (whom they killed). They went up again, taking the ladder with them, and went back to the priest.

Father Galamar wanted them to keep the axe. He also rewarded them with a magic mace (which Ted got), and promised to bless and rededicate the tomb to Hagron. The party then returned to the inn where there was much rejoicing. Figil was hanging out with the pot boy and having a great time. Poor Kaelix was still in the rafters.

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