MERP: Sirens, and the Cult of the Long Night

Feldenaith goes back and gets more crabs from the room, and then the party moves on.

Feldenaith finds a rotten flooring in the next cavern, and Drogo flies across and secures a rope to the wall so the rest of the party can get across. He doesn’t seem to have died by traps. His body has leather and broadsword (rusted), and several Sylvan scrolls on him. They read the scrolls, which talks about not killing someone because she is so beautiful. The party decides to continue down the corridor, but discover that it has become endless in both directions, and they are seized by a great fear. In reality, they have been put to sleep by four priests and each experiences their worst fears. Drogo casts Batsight and closes his eyes. He knows he is the original chamber and the tunnel is an illusion, but then he finds himself in a large cavern, with 30 Children of the Long Night on a trapdoor over a pit, held up only by a rope. Galen appears and tries to convince him to help him cut the rope and kill the Children, but Drogo resists. Ultimately Drogo realizes this is yet another illusion, and becomes infuriated. He hates dark sorcery and even more than that, he hates being controlled. He has never been this angry. Drogo finally tires of Galen and kicks him hard in the groin. Drogo immediately wakes up, realizing he is kicking a robed priest in the groin instead.

The rest of the party begin to wake up. Grafarlig gets up and slices off a priest’s leg. Feldenaith knifes another priest. Delcarnan sets a priest partially on fire. Drogo finishes him off with a blow of his staff. Grafarlig hits Delcarnan’s priest and Delcarnan finishes him by boiling his blood. Feldenaith then kills his. Drogo continues beating his priest with his staff long after he is dead, screaming, “Don’t EVER do that to me!”

When they come fully to their senses, they retrace their steps. Chel & Del have died in the corridor with the rotten floor, and their smashed bodies are being eaten far below by crabs. Drogo flies across the cavern and secures a rope on the other wall. He flies Grafarlig and Delcarnan across and Feldenaith climbs across.

In the next room a thin membrane covers the floor, with a chest as an obvious trap near the center. Drogo flies over, opens the chest, grabs a bone scroll case, 100 s. and 3 human hair robes. He then flies over to the other side. The others follow.

The party then finds a large worship chamber with 30 cultists, which looks exactly like the room in which Galen tempted Drogo. A slender ascetic man (Morlamen) is talking to Galen, Oren, and Elena. Two strong Northmen are next to him (Tarfaluth & Grimly). Lomeilinde appears next to the party as they peep in. Her face is next to them, in a barred window in the wall. “Destroy his staff!” “Where is Meli?” asks Drogo. “She is an empty shell, a backup for my current form. She took my soul a while ago,” replies Lomeilinde, disappearing again.

Drogo teleports Delcarnan next to Morlamen so the elf can cast fire on the evil one’s staff. He does so, destroying it. Galen is enraged and screams, “Why don’t you people die?!” Grafarlig runs in but is smashed upside the head with an enormous blow, stunning her for two rounds. Feldenaith runs in to defend her and wounds one of the big men. Drogo teleports Morlamen to the ceiling and drops him 30 m. The old man is tough, and is only stunned. Delcarnan picks up the old man and uses him as protection, threatening to kill him. Galen goes after Delcarnan but misses.

Drogo teleports Morlamen again and this time he splatters on impact. Lomeilinde laughs from the far side of the room and gives Drogo a thumbs up, which he returns with a smile. Galen and Elena menace Delcarnan, who is protected behind a wall of fire. Drogo tries the same on Tarfaluth, but he has been protected magically by the priest, and cannot be teleported.

Feldenaith misses one of the Northmen. Drogo boosts Galen to the ceiling, but the sailor makes his acrobatics roll and only broke a leg in the 30 m. fall. Grafarlig and Feldenaith hit Tarfaluth. The priest casts a protective spell on himself and edged towards the curtains at the back of the room. Drogo flies across the room and strikes him with his staff, blocking his flight. Lomeilinde sings a song that enrages the Children and causes them to tear Grimly to pieces.

Tarfaluth strikes Grafarlig. Oren misses Feldenaith. Delcarnan throws a fireball towards Galen and Helena. He gives Helena minor burns and stuns Galen for one round. He sets Tarfaluth aflame and kills him. Drogo buzzes around the priest and does no damage with his staff, though he keeps him from casting spells. Grafarlig strikes Oren who gives up.

Feldenaith used his acting skill to threaten Helena with further fire attacks from Delcarnan. Helena drops her weapons as well.

The priest tries to cast song of soul stealing against Drogo fails and crumples with a horrendous failure. Galen gives up, but Delcarnan fireballs him but his leg is charred down to the bone. Drogo kills the priest. Feldenaith tortures Galen into unconsciousness. Then Drogo kills Galen.

Grafarlig begins meditation to heal herself. Meanwhile, Lomeilinde approaches the rest of the party.

Lomeilinde is happy that Morlamen is dead. While Feldenaith is distracted by Lomeilinde, Drogo searches the Priest’s quarters, finding 40 gp. and an inlaid golden harp in the chest. He stashes the 40 gp. The party will divide the treasure equally later, though of course the rest of the players assume Drogo is stealing it.

Lomeilinde explains that she is one of the 13 Sirens who possessed lesser rings of Sauron, which he destroyed. The sirens were able to survive Sauron’s death and the destruction of the rings. There are only a few left. Lafalmas was one, and died on the ship. Morlamen was one, and died here in the cave. That left only four, which suits Lomeilinde fine. She would prefer to be the last siren alive. The only ones left are:

  1. Lomeilinde
  2. Demetrios
  3. Marcos
  4. Eletaria, who has taken over Shrel Kain

Delcarnen made a decision; Lomeilinde must die. He burns the rope over the pit and 30 Children, Meli, and Lomeilinde are dropped into the pit. Most fall and are eaten by crabs, but Lomeilinde holds onto the edge, and Feldenaith tries to help her as she screams, “you bastard!” at Delcarnen. Drogo knows there is no going back. He likes Lomeilinde as a worthy adversary, but she is evil and Delcarnen is probably right, though he does not agree with the method. Even more importantly, the die is cast and if Lomeilinde survives now, she will kill them all. Drogo teleports her to the center of the pit, but the spell is only partially successful and will take two rounds to complete. Feldenaith screams, “No! Just break the harp!” But Drogo flies out of reach and the spell goes off in the second round. Lomeilinde pops from Felenaith’s grip, falls, and dies. Drogo then teleports the body out of the pit, though it is badly damaged by the crabs below. He instructs Delcarnen to patch the wounds now that Lomeilinde is dead, and once that is successfully done, Drogo breaks the harp and restores the girl. Then the party tries to save the remaining Children, saving only 7 of them.

The party ends for the night, having broken the power of the Children of the Long Night and having killed two former servants of Sauron. But they are depressed by the deaths of the innocents, and decide to turn Oren and Helena over to the Rangers. The entire team is depressed at the end of the evening. Grafarlig suggests that Drogo use his share of the treasure to get professional help from a therapist. Drogo thinks this is an excellent idea. Now where can he find a white wizard?

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