NAVAH: The Map of Barony Rodes

I decided I needed a map of the entire barony for this campaign, so I created county maps of Martabus, Ruthven, and Braedt, and then stitched them together to create a 30×30 inch map of the barony, then printed it for our use. It turned out too dark, but it is still pretty.

A Map of the Barony Rodes, composed of the Counties Martabus, Ruthven, and Braedt

The detail of The Pass (located at the southwest corner of Braedt) show what it looks like up close.

Map detail of The Pass

The party’s base is at Restwell. They are currently in Kukgul and will visit Amidst next, which will require a long trip through the underground tunnels that lead to it and the potential danger of Trog attack. Like I said though, the map is dark, so I made up an easier to view version of Braedt County.

Easier to read map of Braedt County

The red lines are the county borders, the yellow lines mark the major trade routes. As one can see, The Pass is a very tiny part of the county. If, however, the party is able to reopen the underground Pass, it would open up trade from Hawk’s Vale and Fenthor, and even divert a good deal of trade from Blem itself. Since Blem is the county seat, that might not be very popular with their Count, but since Alexios received his title from Baroness Rodes herself, the Count may not have much to say about it.

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