MERP: Marcos

The giant crab feast on the bodies at the bottom of the pit, only slightly slowed by the fact that the bodies have reanimated and are attacking as zombies. The players move on and fine a magic fire ring in a small pool. After the giant crab attacks them from a large pool, and eats Helena, they leave the caverns and return by longboat to the ship. Drogo gives the fiery ring to Delcarnon.

Orin is the last Mendocian alive, but they also bring the body of Mellie the Ranger for later burial. The pregnant woman turns out to be a half halfling named Nina Harfoot, a Holf (half hobbit, half elf) trained as a blacksmith. Her mother has gone to the Grey Havens, her hobbit father lives in Pesterwin, Nabal Mayzri. She is from Shrel-Kain.

Oldahr’s thrush brings a message that Elentaria has taken over Shrel-kain, Brilthen, and now beginning in Lest. The party stops to meet Oldahr in the Smiling Crocodile and delivers Orin and the body of Mellie. We also meet Wendell, our contact who gave us a bounty on the cultists, from whom they collect the bounty of 750 gp.

There’s a slender blond man with tired eyes and black clothing watching the Smiling Crocodile intently. To avoid him, the party goes in the back door. Inside, they meet Logoth Escarion with Oldahr. They deliver Mellie’s body to Oldahr, and are leaving with Logoth to give him his book at the ship when the slender man with tired eyes enters and insists on having them hand Logoth over to him. The party refuses. Drogo drags Logoth out the back door while the rest of the party blocks the man’s advance. The slender man’s black sword cut the leg off one of the bouncers, and cut the other in half. Grafarlig and Feldenkraith attack the man and Delcarnon hit him in the chest with a flamestrike. In the next round, Feldenkreith severs the man’s neck and carotid artery causing intense bleeding. Then the man disappears.  He was probably Marcos the Enforcer and is loyal to Elentaria. Elentario and Demetrios the Gardener are the only sirens left. Morlamen was known as the Nightmare. Lofalmas was the Princess and Lomeilinde was the liar.

Outside, Drogo teleports Logoth up to the roof and then leaps after him. He questions the man and learns that Redmane’s brothers buried it on one of the eastern most islands in the Mayzri archipelago.  There is a secret entrance (a rocky outcropping) on the cliff face and it is on the east island. Need to cross the shallows without grounding. Oldahr want him to get it.

There are screams of horror out in front of the inn as the man flees, bleeding profusely and teleporting himself away. Delcarnon pursues him, but loses him at the sea.

Drogo lowers himself and Logoth down and calls for Grafarlig to join them. Together they head for the ship, while Feldenkraith talks to Wendell. Drogo tells Logoth not to tell any of the others about the palantir, as they might be either servants of evil or would wish to use it for corrupt reasons. Logoth agrees.

Then the party talks further and works out that Delcarnon’s black sword should be destroyed (as it may have many souls locked within it). They also decide that the cold ring they found should also be destroyed, as it was a tool that sirens used to transfer their souls. Drogo hides it very well, and tells no one where it is hidden.

When they arrive in Dilgul, the party goes ashore into two separate groups. Feldenkraith, Delcarnon, and Nina go ashore and rent a smithy for an hour to try to destroy the sword. They manage to do so, but Nina goes into labor. The baby reminds Delcarnon and Drogo of Lomeilinde. Is it possible?

Grafarlig and Drogo go ashore next, and sell the ancient gold coins for a great deal of money to Lord Windsor and survive to split it with the others. With the money, the party buys top of the line gear, and prepares to sail for the Mazry islands.




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