MERP: Drogo’s Homecoming

The party advanced to third level in the town of Dilgul on the edge of the Sea of Rhun.  Feldenaith learned more of traps and lockpicking, acting, and cookery. Delcaran learned Earth Law, and rhetoric. Grafarlig trained in a variety of skills in her own particular idiom. Drogo improved his teleportation range to 30 miles and began a new spell list, Concealment Mastery. Thanks to their sale of the ancient coins to Lord Windsor, they had more money than anyone needed. The party scours the town for magic items to purchase. Feldenaith’s purchase of a sword that desires to drink blood, literally, is the most questionable item.

Elias (played by Jim Beaver) leaves the crew and sells the party his share in the ship. He reveals to Feldenaith that he is an old ranger and that he intends to follow another experienced ranger named Kafarlas, who intends to seize control of the rangers from Oldahr and reinvigorate the rangers using Dilgul as a base. They expect they will get 10-20 old rangers to join them. They plan to get Oldahr to step down but hope that he will stay in the rangers, as they recognize that he is a good man. Both Feldenaith and Drogo pledge their support to Elias’s efforts.

The western side of the Sea of Rhun is now under Elentaria’s control, and she has begun to have converts in Dilgul as well. Jason Hyragard is in charge of the Syndicate in that region. The eastern side of the Sea is not yet under her sway, and the Syndicate there is controlled by Joss A’Lynn, who is both an Easterling and Jason’s ex-wife.

Drogo visits the Dilgul bank and deposits 5,000 gp. At his advice, Grafarlig deposits 10,000 gp. and makes Drogo the signatory.  She tends to make silly purchases, and Drogo knows the day will come when she wants to use the gold for something important. That done, the party sails to the island of the Nabal Mazry. Feldenaith and Drogo guide the ship, as both are skilled sailors and Drogo was raised on Nabal Mazry and knows the harbor intimately.

A map of Rhunaer (aka. the Sea of Rhun)

On Nabal Mazry are three hamlets, populated by Easterlings and Stoors. Pesterwynn is in the west and closest to the ship’s berth. The party visits Helwynn Smallbelly first, as he makes a delectable Poppy Cider. On Drogo’s recommendation, they buy 19 jugs of the stuff. Drogo sends one to the crew, and another 12 to storage on the ship. He keeps one for himself and one he gives to Roddy Hartfoot (Nina’s father), who is much happier about the jug then about discovering he has a daughter.

Glaven is the middle hamlet, and Vilm Wildhead lives there. He is a cold, mean man and the father of Dyra. The party does not stop and visit.

Instead, they head for Drogo’s home in Shardroot, the easternmost hamlet. Drogo’s father Orlo (played by Clint Eastwood), a skilled and scarred warrior, remains unimpressed with his wayward son, who left to explore the world and learn magic. Drogo was always closer to his mother Sherla, who has since passed away. The loss of his wife has not improved Orlo’s disposition. Delcaran tries to convince the old man that magic is awesome, but he has none of it. Orlo mentions that Garheart the Easterling returned from Dilgul speaking of the wonders of Elentaria, Winton Coldfoot calmed him down. Drogo leaves to visit Coldfoot, who is the leader of the island. Winton is a strong tough leader who knows weather magic and mind calming magic. Drogo tells Winton of their encounters with the sirens, and then slips him 10,000 s. to watch his back while he’s on the island. He also asks that Winton’s weather magic also protect the 80’ tall stone tower just west of the harbor, as Drogo plans to build a home there.

Once Drogo has commissioned the construction of his tunnel home 70’ above the water, the party sails for Faizal Mazry, where Drogo knows a palantir is hidden. Faizal Mazry lays to the east of Nabal Mazry and is under the control of Sea Easterlings, the Corsairs. Westrar Mazry lays to the west of Nabal Mazry.

Once at Faizal Mazry, Drogo teleports the party to a hidden ledge known to Logoth Escarion, the ship’s loremaster. They then follow a tunnel to a hidden point above the main sea cave of the Corsairs. And there the players stop for the evening. 

At the end of the night, Drogo advances the idea that he might retire here. Delcaran indicates something similar about the elven lands to the north. Their players are considering taking new characters.


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