MERP: Drogo’s Aerie

Now that Drogo Longfoot is an accomplished teleporter (Lofty Bridge in MERP), and he is back in Nabal Mazry, he’s planning on settling down a bit. He has hired workers to prepare a cave system in an 80′ tall stone tower about a mile offshore as his residence.  I used Dave’s Mapper to create the original cave, which is below.

The original cave that Drogo built his Aerie from.

They then modified it with doors and such. The kitchen has a stove that has a hole bored to the exterior wall to act as a chimney, and the toilet has a similar hole bored down for the waste. The water is a 3×3′ water reservoir, 30′ deep. The main entry way doors are slanted like a exterior door over basement steps and visitors have to descend a short set of steps into the entry. That makes the entry very difficult to see from the sea. There is a 6′ wide ledge outside of the doors. The exterior doors are iron, with an iron bar. Interior doors are wood, again with a bar blocking entry on the inside of the door. There are no windows. There are small shafts (2″ wide) bored to the outside in the Bedroom, Kitchen, Entry, and Living Room with carved wooden plugs over them. The plugs can be removed to allow fresh air to come into the rooms. The Kitchen plug is almost always off. On top of the stone tower is enough dirt to plant in (most of which had to be hauled out from the island) and a small stone walled gazebo with a slanted wooden roof where Drogo can watch the entry to the bay. In order to bring workers, furniture, and dirt to the Aerie, there is a block and tackle set up on the top of the tower to the left of the ledge outside the exterior doors. When Drogo visits, he teleports from Nabal Mazry.

The completed Aerie

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