MERP: Isles of Rhunaer (Sea of Rhun)

The most detailed map for the Sea of Rhun in publication is pretty sketchy, at least for Nabal Mayzri, where our adventures are roaming (below).

A map of Rhunaer (aka. the Sea of Rhun)

Since we’re playing in the region, I thought we needed a better map. We are based on Nabal Mayzri, which our DM has identified as a single island rather than the name of the entire archipelago. I made a new map, concentrating on the area from Dilgul to Tol Sulereb. I figured that those little hats in the old map were meant to be small rocky outcroppings or islands. Since my character is a native to the region, and a sailor of some skill, I figured he would know the names of the islands, so I gave them all names. Most are based on Easterling stems. I’d love to have feedback on the names, especially if I made any huge errors, so please let me know. I can always change them, and repost the corrected version here.

The isles of Rhunaer, Middle Earth, north of Dilgul & South of Tol Sulereb

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