NAVAH: Arriving in Amidst

The party’s visit to Amidst took a dark turn when the party encountered misbehaving villagers.

As the party reached the end of the tunnel, Alexios spotted silver coins, bones, and armor scattered near the entrance. He scooped up a bag of coins, unseen by the other characters. As he did so, Josette spotted a wave of broken glass rushing towards him, creating the grinding sound they had heard earlier, now a roaring sound. They all took off running, with Brendan left to scoop up Ian’s one-legged ward and carry him to safety.

Upon running into the open valley of Amidst, they were greeted by villagers who welcomed them and began to prepare a Festival for them. Luce, the leader, showed the party around town. Ian insisted on talking to Amiden, even though the old man kept screaming for him to go away. Amiden eventually ran away and hid from Ian, and was only found again after Brendan bribed one of the local children to find him in exchange for a copper cow. Cornered, Amiden made it clear that he knew nothing about how to get out of the valley, and eventually he escaped to begin his drinking again.

The Festival was enjoyed, as were a number of dalliances with the bored and desperate ladies of the town. Regrettably, several of the villagers had taken up robbery as a means of dealing with boredom, and first Ian and then Alexios became bloodthirsty and desired punishment of the miscreants. Both Majira Sherwood and Ekundayo Teiller were caught stealing. Majira was protected by Ekriig the Guard, who promised to punish her severely and then let her go safely. Majira’s husband Gryffen tried to stop the party from searching their home, but Alexios slammed him in the nuts with the flat of his blade (to be fair, Alexios was aiming for his head). Majira escaped, after stealing Ian’s sword, and the party followed Gryffen as he tried to crawl away. Ian kicked him in the nuts again to emphasize their displeasure.

REFEREE’S ASIDE: I should perhaps remind adventurers here that they can do four things to save the lives of pitiful peasants such as these. 1) You can use your hand rather than your sword. 2) You can remember to aim. 3) You can say your character is not using his damage bonus. 4) You can downgrade the damage result one level (e.g. from Major Wound to Minor Wound, or from Grim Wound to Major Wound).

Luce took control of the situation, saved Gryffen, and got Ian’s sword back, but the party’s reputation turned from Honorable to Dishonorable and the villagers would have nothing to do with the party after that.

The party first tried Shaping their way out through alternate caverns, but the Slicers (the broken glass monsters) drove them back. Nothing the party had could damage the Slicers, and they proved not to be spirits, so Josette could not Bind or Dispel them.

Josette then tried random summonings to get a spirit that might be able to help. She summoned a parrot pouka who scouted the rim of the valley for them, and then left. She then summoned a meter tall ant pouka named 556, and bound him because of his great strength and climbing ability. Finally, she summoned one more creature, who proved to be so ugly that both 556 and Ian died of shock (Brendan and the Selkie were maintaining a safe distance). Josette survived and Banished the creature, and then successfully brought Ian and 556 back with Sorcery.

That evening, Adrian Chaumbir (a scout) visited Josette and offered his help in leaving, as long as his wife Poorbi (a farmer) could come as well. The party assented, but Adrian was not at all sure that they wouldn’t kill them in some way. Still, it was his only chance to escape Amidst.

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