MERP: In the Village of Nurundizikin

We learned today that Ugthug is an orc, while Bertram is a human. Ugthug is of the Toegunk tribe, and the orcs in the caverns are from the Snothammer tribe, which why he doesn’t mind attacking them.

Tonight Feldenaith joined us again. We stayed on the same level initially, attacking two orcs in an adjoining corridor. Feldenaith and Ugthug attacked first. Feldenaith took slight damage, but then managed to flank one. Ugthug splintered the leg of his opponent, and then Grafarlig split the skull of the other. Ugthug then smashed the skull of his enemy, and took an ear from each for his necklace of defeated foes.

The party then descended down a secret spiral stairway, arriving at the Village of Nurundizikin, surprisingly still the home of about seventy dwarves. Virgil is their leader, with Grumblebumble and Stumble his assistants. They live in peace and harmony, and are quite different from Atauk & Throckel. There is a herbalist, Helsalin, from whom Skyrunner purchases 4 doses of Moontumb, 3 doses of Slimy Gorkin, 2 doses of Stout Heart (he is searching for one more as they traverse the caverns), and 7 doses of Carpet Moss (all of this detailed in The Hands of the Healer supplement).

There is also Salvnar’s General Store, where Ugthug and Skyrunner buy some rabbit on a stick. Delicious! Feldenaith purchases a live rabbit and cuts its head off to please his demon blade, the Red Sword.  The rest of the party eyes this questioningly, but remains oblivious of the nature of the sword, which has begun to speak to Feldenaith in his head and urge him to commit greater atrocities.

We meet one female dwarf, Inniel Grunkledunkle. Her twin sister Nell is off exploring. Skyrunner chats up Inniel, who responds, and they spend a marvelous time talking while he is there. The party leaves the next day though, and travels downwards again, coming to a room with three Dwarven statues. One is belly laughing, one is untrustworthy, and one is crying. An inscription reads, “Console, Accuse, Empathize, and Continue.” The party solves this and moves on.

The party comes next to a pathway with doors. Skyrunner encourages Ugthug to break one down, and he rams it with his head, knocking himself out and turning back to Bertram. The party explains the situation to Bertram about Ugthug, and he is not pleased.

Feldenaith hears sounds from beyond another door, and opens that one. Beyond are four goblins and a slender man in cloth robes. Skyrunner and Feldenaith practice their archery. Feldenaith wounds one, and Skyrunner kills the slender mage with an arrow to the throat. Skyrunner then hits another in the side. Bertram tries a ploy that fails and he runs away, pursued by one of the orcs. Grafarlig then runs to the attack. Skyrunner switches to spear and shield, and spears the one chasing Bertram through the head. Feldenaith puts an arrow into another goblin’s left arm. Atauk kills one with a strike to the hip, and Skyrunner and Feldenaith shoot at the last one fleeing down the corridor. Skyrunner drops him with an arrow in his ankle, then runs up and puts a spear through each limb and the abdomen, before ending him with a spear to the eye. In this way, he sends his foe wounded and ineffectual to the Spirit World. Atauk and Throckel are taken aback by this savagery.

The party then comes to a large room with ten foot tall master carved statues of the Dwarven elders. There are glowing green gems in the wall. There are also four more slender mages in the room. Bertram tries a classic ploy, shouting, “Where can I find a bathroom?” but fails to succeed (the DM gave him a -70 on his roll).

One of the mages teleports to the rear of the party and attacks Atauk with a sword that he has somehow acquired in his teleport. Feldenaith attacks that one, hitting him in the face and stunning him for a round. Throckel then hits the mage as well, also stunning him. Skyrunner shoots one in the room in the head, stunning him.

In the next round, one of the mages in the room teleports out. Another tries, but fails. Feldenaith pierces his foe through the head, and his sword is happy, whispering, “Yesssssss!” Skyrunner peppers the same mage he hit earlier, hitting him in the right arm and twice in the torso. He is stunned again. Grafarlig is meanwhile charging across the room, trying to get close enough to use her axe. She hit him in the right leg, chopping it off. Skyrunner comes over to the downed mage he was fighting, and again, ritually kills him to affect his performance in the Spirit World.

Two of the mages have +10 longswords. One goes to Skyrunner, the other to Bertram.

Moving on, the party find a medical library in Khuzdul and Westron. They learn that once there were as many as 200,000 dwarves here, but within 200 years, three quarters of the population died off. Half way through that period, the population began leaving. Thaylor did not leave, however, but probably died in a battle with the orcs down below. One of the works is very recent and mentions that the green stones are inert, but that one should not touch them.

In the next room are animated statues, moving imperceptibly. These are again elders in commissioned poses. There are a number of dead bodies in the room, as if there was once a great fight here. The party finds nothing of great worth.

None of the party members are able to open the last door, so the party decides to descend to the next level at the next session.

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