NAVAH: Working on the City Generator again

We’re coming up on a county-wide tournament in the game, and I wanted to step it up a notch, generating the warriors for the full county, which includes 3 castles, 1 keep, 2 monasteries, 3 temples, 52 hamlets, 55 villages, 12 towns, and 2 cities. So we decided to create a county generator based on the old city generator. The program would generate all of those settlements at one shot, using the new systems we came up with this year. That means every character detailed, with stats, skills, personality, appearance, and equipment, including all significant others and children. We had to tweak the system a bit so that the full printout was easier to read. I had to create a CSV file with all of the settlement basic characteristics.

If we were going to generate a full county, I wanted to be sure that the data would last a while, so I updated the old Access database to fit the current system and our understanding of Navah.  I also decided to add a second magic system. The old one is now the civilized system of magic, the one taught in the Magical Colleges. The new one is the barbaric or wild system of magic learned in the wastes, the north, and the deep desert.

There are five new elementalist character types (Aeromancer, Hydromancer, Pyromancer, Electromancer, and Cryomancer, from most common to most rare). These folks are entranced by particular elements and are pretty antisocial. The Aeromancers or wind wizards can be found most often at sea, and are highly desired as crew. The Hydromancers are less common, but are welcomed in the river valleys, as they can control flooding. No one wants the Pyromancers or Electromancers around — those folks are nuts! And Cryomancers are like those two but are found only in the deep north, so are very rarely met. 

The sixth new mage is the Shaman, who is the more commonly encountered northern magician. The Shaman has an affinity with the earth, with the animals and the plants. 

Mages can cross-train in the northern and southern styles of magic, but few will have the opportunity to do so, and even fewer will have the desire. There isn’t much reason to do so. The South focuses on control and domination of the world, while the North focuses on approaching closer to nature and the elements. The approaches are fairly antagonistic.

Finally, the tavern generator we use is a great creativity tool but it requires the renaming of almost all generated taverns. For example, the Sign of the Bulbous Turkey is amusing but hardly a decent name. That might become Cock’s Crow or Harvest Dinner instead. The renaming of taverns was one reason behind moving to county-level data. I wanted to have the new tavern names in our full print of each town, and that was a drag to do individually. Instead, my programmer (my loving wife!) is creating a subprogram that will read in my old name/new name CSV file and rename the taverns county-wide. This is super important because when a character is an alcoholic or a glutton, the program lists his/her favorite tavern, and now that name will be accurate. I will so be able to do a sort for the regular patrons of each tavern, so when players walk into a tavern, I know who is there. We’ve been using that a while and it has been super helpful.

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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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